Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on understanding human thinking and behaviour

Learning Objectives

  • Critically evaluate through a Social and Culturally Responsive and Socially Just (CRSJ) lens a chosen issue from your own life, or made up, presented in a therapy session.
  • Describe how the counsellor developed aspects of the primary focus of factors both socially and culturally.
  • Discuss how the counsellor developed the therapeutic relationship.
  • Synthesize your understanding of the social and cultural lens.
  • Demonstrate a clear and effective understanding by communicating through a narrative format using APA 7th ed style.


The purpose of this assignment is to assist students to comprehend the social and cultural lens within the therapeutic process. It is important for counsellors to understand the aspects of social and cultural issues within a responsive and just manner in the therapy session with a client.


This assignment is structured to allow the student to be the client. As the student is the client, write from a client’s perspective, using first person pronoun where applicable, throughout the whole paper, the expectation is for the student to recognize what the experience is like and the value of what a trained counsellor brings to the experience: understanding the professional counsellor in this assignment will be your reading materials as they inform you of your topic and therapeutic relationship. The assignment is to promote the student’s understanding of biological and psychological aspects and their impact in understanding human thinking and behaviour.


  • Required components: The assignment is to be a five-page paper consisting of a title page, brief introduction, page three is one page dedicated to writing the social factors presented and the counsellor’s building of the therapeutic relationship, the fourth page is one page dedicated to the writing of the cultural/just factors presented and the counsellor’s building of the therapeutic relationship. One page, or more, of references with a minimum of six references within the past seven years.
  • Length of Assignment: The text body of paper (i.e., not including references, title page,) should be three double-spaced typed pages, Times New Roman font size: 12 or APA 7th ed).
  • Format: Please, format your assignment in Word Doc (files with extension .doc or .docx), or Rich Text Format (files with extension .rtf). No PDF’s.
  • References: 8 minimum, 12 maximum within the last seven years.