Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Straight-Jackets: Gender, Sexuality, Nation


For centuries, society has divided genders into two exclusive groups or divisions namely male and female. Global people have therefore always strived to fit into either of the divisions. Thus, people lack an opinion, powers, and control to determine their gender. They accept their gender based on societal definitions derived from looking at the genitalia composition. A gender division contains expectations with regard to the actions a person ought to undertake in life. Thus, individuals lack control and opportunities to dictate and steer their lives as they desire. Society expects them to behave strictly as either he or she. This cannot be natural and pleasant to everyone especially if they do not fit in a particular gender division.

Gender and Sexuality

The journal article affirms my opinion that sex is a biological make-up comprising of hormones among persons. However, I have always regarded the genitalia as the aspect applied in determining sex and gender division. The article however asserts that chromosomal testing can be applied to determine a person’s sex. It also teaches me that our brains determine gender identity. The human brain plays a key role among people as they express themselves to the world an act referred to as gender presentation. Consequently, people feel comfortable deciding the gender roles they believe describe their self-expression, behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and occupations. Different genders experience diverse but specific experiences such as menstruation. However, this article teaches me that gender and sexual violence can occur to either gender division.

I connected this teaching with my prior class lectures that taught and explained why young boys and adult men are raped and sexually abused. I have always perceived women as the most vulnerable victims of gender and sexual violence. However, I now understand that male genders are also targeted and vulnerable to gender and sexual violence, especially at a young age. I have witnessed gender and sexuality in neighborhoods and communities. I strive to assist women especially young girls in our learning institutions to either avoid or overcome unpleasant experiences. This article however has prompted me to include young boys as they also face gender violence and sexual abuse dangers. Thus, this class is exciting for me because it is in alignment with the community work I envision undertaking in the future. My goals and objectives include protecting both girls and boys in schools, communities, and neighborhoods from physical, emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse and violence.

This class is however difficult for me in defining gender socialization. The journal article asserts human brain plays the main role in defining and ordaining social genders. However, neither the class nor the article explains why people practice homosexuality. I believe global societies ought to understand gender complexities before they either accept or condemn homosexuality and transgender persons. I believe sexual violence and discomfort can be traumatic to persons undergoing the experiences. As a society, we need to understand that conforming to a particular gender division does not guarantee fulfillment and satisfaction in life. We ought to accept homosexuality and transgender persons amongst us. They do not choose their hormones and chromosomes. Their different gender make-ups attribute to diverse gender identities, roles, and experiences. I, therefore, believe these two groups ought to be accepted and protected from condemnation, abuse, and violence.