Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Perspectives on Leadership

Perspectives on Leadership


What is a leader? This may seem like a simple question, but an individual’s response to the question may depend on the individual and his or her situation. Leadership has elements of personality, personal characteristics, skills, and knowledge. Leadership can be proven within human services organizations as well as in the organizations’ interactions with stakeholders in the community.

As you consider all you have explored about leadership in this course, what new perspectives have you gained about this topic? Consider how you might apply your discoveries to your career planning and development.


Post an analysis of how your personal definition of leadership has changed or expanded since you began this course. Explain at least one significant idea or experience from this course that may be of value in preparing you for a future supervisory or administrative role.


Experience with the supervisor and interacting with other social workers taught me how the supervisor goes through many challenges. Supervisor must report to their director, and they must follow rules and regulations set up by the organizations. She also works very diligent every morning to make changes on the daily assignment because of social worker calling out. On the other hand, my experience with some social workers, they were not happy because the manager was not fear by giving them more work.