Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on counseling an Alcoholic

Read the case and answer the 3 questions. Answer the questions to show your full understanding of social work . Does not have to be long answers

Case A

A 22-year-old white man who is in counseling at the insistence of his girlfriend and parents.

CL:​It’s my fourth year in college and my grades are not where they are supposed to be. My parents said they were going to cut me off financially if I didn’t get my grades up. My girlfriend has been really getting on me, too, to do well in classes.
Another thing, they think I have a drinking problem. I don’t know if they are right or not.

SW: You know it is really important for you to do well in your classes if you want to get a job someday.

CL:​(Looking toward the floor) Yeah I know.

SW: And you know it is wrong to drink because it causes problems with your girlfriend and with school, not to mention, multiple health problems down the road.

CL:​Well, I guess that’s true.

SW: How much do you drink each day?

CL:​Maybe five or six beers a night, no more than my friends drink.

SW: . Wow! Sounds like your’ on your way to becoming an alcoholic.

CL:​(Looking at the SW, face reddening) I am not an alcoholic. I can control myself. Everybody drinks a few beers and relaxes. I don’t see how that makes me an alcoholic.

SW: Well, I understand you think you are not an alcoholic. But the statistics show that people who drink on a steady basis and whose jobs or studies are affected, are alcoholics. You need to get enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program. Now, I am going to give you the number for one close by. They only take insurance cases, so I hope your insurance is good.

1. What part of the communication, if any, could benefit from a stronger therapeutic stance on the part of the social worker?

2. How might that response lead to barriers in furthering the relationship?

3. How might you respond differently?