Sample Management Paper on Programme Summary Scenarios

Executive Summary

The report has been based on the strategic planning process as well as change management
implementation on a newly launched small supermarket. The first scenario has been discussed
about the 3-year strategic plan of the business execution in Papa moa Beach Superette that has
been launched in the market. It has identified that there have been already some existing players
in the location. At the same time, the market price was higher from the beginning of this
business. Hence, the strategic framework of the Balanced Scorecard application has been
implemented with the actions to be taken for its future success.
From the second scenario, it has been focused on the change management aspects in the
business using stakeholder management theories and techniques that have identified that change
can be managed with effective communication and engagement.
Moreover, scenario three had mainly concentrated on the conflict management issues among
new joiners with the existing one that can be managed with conflict management tools and
problem-solving methods as well. At the same time, it has been suggested to have situational and
transformational leadership styles and developing such skills as well.
Further, the paper ends with the fourth scenario analysis with specifications on its financial
planning concerns as well as managing its resources in a newer location. Hence, the report has
acknowledged the overview of four different scenarios below along with applicable tools and

Programme Summary Scenarios

Table of Contents

Scenario 1 5
a. Market Analysis 5
b. Competitor Analysis 7
c. SWOT 7
d. Mission and Vision Statements 7
e. Strategic Goals and Objectives for the upcoming 3 years 8
f. Key Strategic Tools, theories and Techniques 8
Scenario 2 11
Identification of the Stakeholders for Papa moa Beach Superette 11
Stakeholder Communication and Engagement 12
Bi-cultural consideration of Stakeholders 12
Scenario 3 13
Conflict Management Tool: 13
Problem-Solving Method: 14
Leadership styles and skills required: 15
Communication Role and Ethical and professional behavior: 15
Scenario 4 16
Monitoring and Implementation 17
Analysis and Recommendations 17
Resource Management: 17

Programme Summary Scenarios
References 19

The strategic plan of a business organization can be developed in respect of existing business
situation and environment that needs to be improved in respect of market players in termsof
profit margin aspects. At the same time, the effective planning and procedure of an organization
need to be dependent on the stakeholders' views and concerns in respect of terms and
conditions as well as policies and strategies as well.
The report aims at working on the analysis of four different scenarios in respect of the newly
launched small food supermarket, Papa moa Beach in the city of New Zealand. It has been
thrown an in-depth analysis of the organization’s business prospects through planning and
managing change along with team management and plan of expansion in different locations as

Programme Summary Scenarios

Scenario 1
a. Market Analysis
According to an online review, price hike had tremendous pressure on the consumer buying
nature and expenses on food as well as liquor outlets (RNZ, 2020) . This happened due to the
rising threat of COVID 19 everywhere that has increased demand for supplying to the
public.Based on this kind of market situation, I would plan to consider the following areas:

Programme Summary Scenarios

Total Market Revenue

Graph 1: Revenue of Restaurant to Consumer-delivery in the New Zealand Market

Source: (Statista, 2020)

Based on the graphical overview, it can be acknowledged that New Zealand had its standard
rates of revenues from restaurant to consumer delivery services in the market. In this regard, it
can evident that projected market revenue reaching closely $256m by the end of 2020, which can
be expected to go higher at $319m by the year 2024 (Statista, 2020)
Serviceable Available in New Zealand
Based on the above scenario, I would point out the major serviceable areas to be within the
locations in the city that are not occupied with any supermarket and customers are unable to
reach the market. This can be the area of the beach that situated now 11 kilometers from the city.
Target market In New Zealand
Target all middle-class as well as upper-middle-classsegmentation mainly the demographic
group of customers, as per the earning and income level of the families prefers to buy through
online order as well as the nearest outlet.
b. Competitor Analysis
Competitors in the list Impact on the market

Programme Summary Scenarios
Eighty-Eight café This is popular for its food and ambiance for its great food and
quality of services having a rating of 4.5 reviews as well as 663

Great Spice Papa moa This is recognized for its Vegan as well as Gluten-Free options of

items in Papa moa

Pap House This one is mainly known for its local gastro-pub category and
concentrate on local cuisine at a moderate price, as per the
preference of customers

Blue Biyou A similar type of gastro-Pub, having vegan options along with local
cuisine and pub. At the same time, dining options and views are best
among all the four.
Table 1: Competitive Analysis
(Source: (Tripadvisor, 2020)

 Good Service quality
 Fresh food
 Discount for Kiwi Much
 Availability on Uber Eats
 Moderate price

 Fewer Variations
 Absence of Vegan Items
 Less number of delivery men
 No other options other than Uber Eats

 Competition in the market
 Pricing range competition
 Diversification Threat

 Social Media Reviews
 Franchisee partnership can be more
effective to have a greater opportunity

Table 2: SWOT Analysis
Source: (Papamoa Beach Superette, 2020)

d. Mission and Vision Statements

Programme Summary Scenarios
The mission of the business is to serve customers with an excellent scale of food quality as well
as serviceable areas within the time preferred by the customers.
The vision statement would be to develop a sustainable customer relationship with greater
service innovation as well as qualities at the nearest doorstep for Papa moa residents.
e. Strategic Goals and Objectives for the upcoming 3 years
Specific Priority 1: The specific priority would be to increase high customer

Priority 2: To increase the number of demands in terms of pricing
Priority 3: To increase revenue by a minimum of 2% every 1 year
Measurable The team will be required to measure the cost and expenditure behind
quality improvement aspects of this business with the expertise team
Achievable This could be attained through effective online promotional experts
investing in good trends of food décor as well as changing regular
updates of offers and discounts

Realistic This needs to be monitored through changing tastes of the consumers
and increasing more variations in the flavors as well as diversification of

Time horizon The estimated time to be taken in meeting the stated objectives by 3

Table 3: SMART goals and objectives of the business

f.Key Strategic Tools, theories and Techniques
According to the strategic framework of the balanced scorecard implementation tool and
technique, the above-mentioned strategic goals and objectives can be attained in a systematic
way (Quesado, 2018) . In this respect, Papa moa Beach Superette can be able to balance its
financial outcomes as well as set its prioritized set of actions.
Financial actions:

Programme Summary Scenarios
I would mainly target the audience having more demand for their tastes than we have in our
existing outlet. At the same time, we need to measure everyday calculation in terms of expenses
and its return against each delivery of our item with an expert.
Our main target will be to take regular feedback after the delivery of our services

Programme Summary Scenarios

Internal processes:
We will effectively reduce our internal cost of production and try to recycle things so that we can
avoid extra costs against one preparation of items. This will mainly involve ingredients to be
used for at least one week with which we need to balance our supply and demand equally
without any wastage of items.
If required, we need to give training to any experts in terms of calculating the measurement of
the number of resources to be used in which portions so that additional expenditure can be
controlled with an expectation and estimation of more profit margins per month.

Programme Summary Scenarios

Scenario 2
In respect of the scenario that the organization has been planning to have change
implementation, I would prefer to manage both the stakeholders using a key strategic framework

Figure 1: Strategic Umbrella of Stakeholder Management

Source: (Lehtinen, 2019)
Identification of the Stakeholders for Papa moa Beach Superette
The internal stakeholders' involved employees, suppliers as well as the shareholders and
investing partners funded on resource integration whereas, external stakeholders are customers,
the regulatory body as well as government's share from the business as well as the competitors as
well as a local community having less interest and less power on the business (Harkison, 2019) .
In this regard, the identified stakeholders can be analyzed in respect of the change management
decision that will be taken by the management of Superette. With respect to the Tauranga
location, if there is a major plan of change, this needs to be communicated to all the stakeholders
and the first priority has to be the internal stakeholders in terms of getting effective preparation
on changing its existing ways of managing the resources. At the same time, changes may reflect

Programme Summary Scenarios
on pricing strategy as well as a range of food items as well, which we would start promoting to
reach customers to receive well updated about it.
Stakeholder Communication and Engagement
Effective communication and engagement can be feasible in the case of Superetteat Papa moa
Beach, as it would be able to directly have details through tourists’ visits and online ordering
process (Caputo, 2016) . This gives an opportunity to share information about the outlet opened
in the location and the new change of range of items as well as prices has to be informed through
local advertisers through the lowest cost of banners or posters. However, within the internal
stakeholders, mainly the suppliers as well as investors need to be communicated and engaged
through meeting and participation to proceed with the change implementation reason and its
positive aspects to the business that will be coming in hand.
Bi-cultural consideration of Stakeholders
Other than this, the bi-cultural aspects of the employees and customers need to be sensitively
managed by the decision-maker and managers at Papa moa Beach Superette (Grant, 2017) . In
relation to New Zealand's socio-political influence, the enterprise owner of Papa moa Beach
Superette needs to consider the bicultural Treaty of Waitangi and should consider them with
priority under the New Zealand Government Regulation. I would communicate the Maori staff
internally as well as customers belong to this community as well as any members’ part of the
decision-making process of new change and circulate it well so that planning and process may
not affect. Hence, this can be beneficial for this new change implementation with prior notice.

Programme Summary Scenarios

Scenario 3
According to the scenario, if a new member joins in our enterprise and complaints me about an
unwelcome workplace environment, I would suggest having a strategic framework of conflict
management as well as concentrate on effective leadership styles and try to solve the
problemusing communication roles with all members.
Conflict Management Tool:

Figure 2: Conflict Managing Tool for the Stakeholders

Source: (Palliser, 2019)

According to the above tool, in case of this situation, I would try to implement this strategic tool
above and the following techniques of solving the problems between newcomers and the existing
Avoiding strategy:
I would suggest the new member first of all to avoid other colleagues, as they would not accept
the presence (Palliser, 2019) . In this respect, it might not be a complete solution, if it does not
work, I would suggest for the next strategy.

Programme Summary Scenarios

Competing Strategy:
I would suggest the new member go for competition through performance level with other staff
so that they start convinced or else jealous, which may work well in case of those willing to have
unity and team building.
Through Accommodating Strategy, there can be a positive return in terms of cooperation and
then proceed with collaboration with other team members through active involvement and
participation with time (Palliser, 2019) .
Compromising strategy works like collaboration as well which makes quality outcomes at the
end of efforts given by a team together, which is devoid of time and space.
Problem-Solving Method:

Figure 3: Problem-Solving Method
Source: (Greenwood, 2017)

The problem faced by the new member can also be resolved in a systematic way by following
the above-mentioned steps. I would suggest the member share his/her problem before the
management along with the key conflicting aspects between the internal staff happening in the
organization (Greenwood, 2017) . On that basis, we will decide and evaluate from our end to
listen and give priority to the new member as well as older ones and differentiate in their views
and ideologies in business prospects. Hence, we will finalize and select one definite solution
from our end.

Programme Summary Scenarios
Leadership styles and skills required:
I would adopt a situational leadership style from my end and also recommend always go with
the transformational style of leadership attire in our workplace environment for comfortability
and staff management.In accordance with the situation, we would be able to manage any difficult
situation like the one taken place and solve problems so that internal stakeholders especially
involve more into operations (Thompson, 2018) . The situation of the new member might be
solved in the way, as suggested above.
Other than this, transformational leadership style and skills have to be practiced for all purposes
so that we can be able to transform our thinking process as well as decisions in respect of time
and changing market demand with modern techniques (Nguyen, 2017) . Hence, in this respect, I
would implement our communication role straightforward with all our stakeholders working
Communication Role and Ethical and professional behavior:
I would implement communication roles for every staff in the system so that everyone plays a
unique role and take responsibility in hand maintaining ethics and professional behavior intact
(Radosavac, 2019) . With reference to our business, we need to consider the role of every
member whether they are or newly joined, and implement ethical and professional behavior
among the management for the convenient option of understanding business aspects well.

Programme Summary Scenarios

Scenario 4
In respect to the scenario of opening a new site in a different city, the organization needs to
consider certain aspects of financial planning as well as resource management based on which
new planning and procedure can be enhanced well in a systematic manner.

Figure 4: Financial Planning process
Source: (Lawson, 2017)

According to the above financial planning process is concerned, Papa moa Beach
Superettewould need to concentrate on the key concerning areas that are mainly the financial
goals and its relevant informationto manage business accounts (Lawson, 2017) . With reference
to the business plan is concerned here, if the location gets changed from this existing area to a
different city in New Zealand, we need to make it emphasize on its new cost behind its
expenditures as well as suppliers’ channels from the new location as well. It may vary in respect
of travel allowance as well.

Programme Summary Scenarios

Monitoring and Implementation:
In terms of monitoring and implementation of the Papa moa Beach Superette, we need to
implement it according to the new market location so that investments can be conducted in an
appropriate direction. For example, cash records such as bank statements as well as deposits and
books and chequesand at the same time and superannuation of records are concerned.
On the other hand, inventory calculations as well as contracts and tax returns need to be well
updated every month through account experts in respect of new places and its additional cost of
cash flows (Nekhaychuk, 2019) .
Analysis and Recommendations
Hence, based on the above implementation and monitoring process, if the location is changed
then we would need to suggest a business to adopt some advanced tools and techniques as per
new customer base in a city area as well as more investments in online channels of promotion. At
the same time, cash flow needs to be checked with strong limits that may not exceed in an
unwanted area.
Resource Management:
Resources need to be managed with respect to the place of establishing the business as well as its
associated instruments necessary for its enhancement of business. According to the concept of
enterprise's plan of changing its location, it needs to be focused mainly on the major aspects such
as its affordability as well as budgetary concerns in the new location along with revealing new
customers (Gurung, 2018) . It determines that we need to consider our existing strengths of staff
and capital at the same time, about the capacity of investing in the new promotional schemes as
well. Apart from that human resources needs to be added into the existing one, as per location

Programme Summary Scenarios

Therefore, based on the overall analysis and scenario discussion, it can be acknowledged that a
strategic management plan involves effective planning and method of implementing tools and
techniques that can be a key to the successful establishment of a newly launched business set up.
In other words, in the case of Papa moa Beach Superette, as based in New Zealand Papa moa
Beach itself, it needs to work on its key areas for marketing and promotion as well as its
variations of food items as well. Hence, depending on the above-suggested tools and
techniques;it can grow and flourish in its existing and new location if it intends to do it in the

Programme Summary Scenarios

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Programme Summary Scenarios
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