Sample Research Paper on Nurse Burnout

Research Paper Proposal

Topic: Nursing burnout

Thesis: With nurses working greater than the 40 hour work week due to nursing shortages, nursing burnout is becoming more and more abundant.

Support Points

Point 1: Nursing shortage across the country makes the current nursing staff work longer days.

Point 2: Nurses call out sick more often due to getting sick from not being able to have enough rest.

Point 3: Mental health gets ignored in the nursing field.

Point 4: Newer generations feel they should only have to work a little and still get as much as hardworking nurses

Annotated Bibliography

Clarke, Elizabeth. “What is Nurse Burnout?” 29 September 2021. Nurse Journal. Document. 26 July 2022.

This document talks about the difference between nurse burnout vs. compassion fatigue. Also goes over the causes and effects of nurse burnout. Nationwide shortages are discussed and how that affects burnout. This document also goes over what areas have high levels of nurse burnout. Finally discusses how to manage burnout.


Dall’Ora, Chiara, et al. “Burnout in nursing: a theoretical review.” 5 June 2020. National Library of Medicine. Document. 26 July 2022.

This document talks about providing a comprehensive summary of research that examined theorized relationships between burnout and other variables. Also looked at what is known or not known about the causes and consequences of burnout in nursing, and how this relates to theories of burnout.


The College for the People. “HOW TO COMBAT NURSING BURNOUT.” 5 August 2021. Nightingale College. Document. 29 July 2022.

This document goes over what nurse burnout is and what factors contribute to burnout. Also goes over the impact of nurse burnout. Also discusses how to try to prevent burnout such as coping mechanisms.


University of St. Augustine for Health Services. “Nurse Burnout: Risks, Causes, and Precautions for Nurses.” July 2020. University of St. Augustine for Health Services. Document. 26 July 2022.

This document talks about what nursing burnout is, the causes, symptoms, how to combat and trying to prevent. Also talks about strategies for employers to help alleviate nurse burnout.