Sample Research Paper on Final Evidence-Based Leadership Project Report

The project report (formal paper) should include the following components: (length of report is between 8-12 pages, including the title and reference pages with APA formatting):

  • Introduction: Your leadership action plan for change (needs assessment), and why it was chosen; What PI model did you use?  What change theory did you use?  Who/what was OR will this change be meant to affect?
  • What evidence-based research supports the action plan’s relevance?
  • What was your role with this plan?  Share the background of how you will perform a leadership assessment within this organization (who are or will be the key stakeholders you will work with? What affect do your change have and on who/what?
  • How did the institution mission, values and philosophy fit into your proposed change?
  • Goals of your action plan.
  • Interventions: Explain how this plan will be implementedhow would you involve the key stakeholders in the organization with this plan?
  • What methods and resources were necessary to evaluate your plan’s effectiveness within the organization?
  • Conclusion: What is your evaluation of your project? How did this project help you meet the course objectives?   How did the implementation of this project affect practiceWhat challenges will you face?; how will you address these challenges?);
  • How did Ottawa University’s mission statement guide your project?
  • Include an overall reflection of your ability to utilize leadership/change agent skills if this same or similar situation arises in your practice in the future.  What lessons are you taking from this project?