Sample Research Paper on A Local Health Care Facility or Organization

The need for the provision of quality health services has led to the establishment of niche medical services. Niche medical services provide specialized medical and nursing programs that address specific health care needs. The majority of the medical centers that offer niche services are located in areas where local healthcare systems have failed to provide specializes medical services. Medical centers that offer niche services only target a segment of the entire population in need of medical services. Niche medical facilities target specific segments of the population as part of their niche marketing while leveraging on their high level of medical and nursing expertise to achieve profitability.

The Marshall Sleep Disorders Center is a niche medical facility located in Marshall County, Alabama. The Marshall Sleep Disorders Center focuses on providing specialized medical and nursing services to individuals who suffer from sleep disorders. According to the patient records and demographic data provided by the Marshall Sleep Disorders Center, the facility serves more than 125,000 people (“Marshall Sleep Disorders Center,” n.d.).  A big majority of the individuals served by the Marshall Sleep Disorders Center hail from Alabama with a few others coming from areas surrounding the state of Alabama. The Marshall Sleep Disorders Centers was established in the late 1990s as a response to a gap in the provision of medical services targeting those with sleeping disorders (“Marshall Sleep Disorders Center,” n.d.). The Marshall Sleep Disorders Center has several highly specialized health professionals who provide medical and nursing attention to individuals suffering from sleep disorders.

The Marshall Sleep Disorders Center utilizes the strategy of niche marketing to target only a narrow spectrum of the health market for its clients. A niche market is a unique marketing strategy where an organization only focuses on a specific target market or segment of a market (Hagisako, 2017). Niche marketing entails an organization offering unique products or services that can easily be distinguished from others in the market. According to Cheung (2015), what differentiates niche marketing from common marketing is that niche marketing targets only a specific segment of the market that can be defined by its own unique needs and preferences. The type of product or service that is marketed by niche marketing has to be specialized to appeal to the targeted market segment. The Marshall Sleep Disorders Center targets the niche market of individuals who suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep disorder centers or sleep laps represent one of the several programs within the field of neuroscience that offer significant niche marketing opportunities (Baglioni et al., 2016). Individuals who suffer from serious sleep disorders and require specialized medical attention are quite a few compared to those who need basic health care services.  Marshall Sleep Disorders Center, therefore, has to position itself accordingly to attract this small segment of the healthy population.

The Marshall Sleep Disorders Center uses a combined segmentation strategy to identify its target clients. The Marshall Sleep Disorders Centers combines geographic and demographic segmentation strategies to identify the market segment to target. According to the annual reports provided by the Marshall Sleep Disorder Center majority of its clients come from within the State of Alabama or its nearby regions (“Marshall Sleep Disorders Center,” n.d.). Moreover, most of the clients are individuals aged more than 40 years old and are engaged in demanding occupations (“Marshall Sleep Disorders Center,” n.d.). From the data recorded in the center’s reports, it is evident that the Marshall Sleep Disorders Centers uses an amalgam of geographic and demographic market segmentation strategies. The segmentation strategies enable the center to market its services to professionals hailing from Alabama and its neighborhoods.

Marshall Sleep Disorders Centers utilizes an amalgam of strategies to ensure that it attracts members of its segmented target market. To attract members of its target market the Marshall Sleep Disorders leverages its high level of expertise in the field of sleep disorders. According to Hagisako (2017), niche marketing organizations have to work on improving their level of expertise and specialization in order to attract the market demographic it targets. A niche market is made up of a small number of customers who require highly specialized services tailored to their tastes. Therefore, for an organization to become profitable it has to ensure that its services are of high quality and tuned to the demands of its target customers cite. Marshall Sleep Disorders Center thanks to its highly specialized workforce provide one of the best medical and nursing services in the country with regard to sleep disorders. The Marshall Sleep Disorders Center has been named by the Joint Commission, a health care organization in the U.S, as a “Top Quality Performer” among American hospitals cite. Moreover, the Marshall Sleep Disorder Center has an active online and offline presence to ensure that it reaches a wide range of its targeted clients.

I believe that the niche marketing approach utilized by the Marshall Sleep Disorder Centers is quite effective. I utilized data of the center’s operation and profitability to reach my decision that the marketing approach adopted by Marshall Sleep Disorder Center is effective.  According to data from the Joint Commission the Marshall Sleep Disorder Center is one of the most profitable niche medical facilities in America (Joint Commission, 2019). The high profitability enjoyed by the Marshall Sleep Disorder means that the niche marketing and segmentation strategies put in place by the center are top-notch and yielding results. As a marketing executive at the Marshall Sleep Disorder Center, I would only incorporate the behavioral strategy of market segmentation into the existing segmentation practices of the organization. This would give the center a wider target market upon which to source for clients.




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