Sample Religious Studies Reflection Paper on different characteristics of Catholic and Protestant Christianity

  1. Answer the question in the form of a reflection.

Why did the reformations of Luther and others ultimately create a permanent split in Western Christianity? What are the fundamentally different characteristics of Catholic and Protestant Christianity, despite their shared roots and core tenets?


  1. Answer the following essay question as fully as possible. Answer as thoroughly and thoughtfully as you can, addressing all parts.


Gandhi famously believed that all religions were just different paths to the same ultimate truth: “Religions are different roads converging to the same point.” The idea here is not that all religions are exactly the same, because they obviously aren’t; but rather that the ultimate purpose and goal of each is the same.


Using the knowledge gained in the course, make the case for and against the idea that religions are all fundamentally teaching the same truth. In doing so, make specific reference to ideas about each of the four general ‘families’ (at least one idea per ‘family’), as well as more specific references to each of the three specific religions examined more closely in the course (Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism). You may also make reference to one of the Indigenous groups discussed in the textbook, but this is not explicitly required. Finally, briefly explain your opinion—whether you ultimately agree or disagree with Gandhi and others who make this claim, and why.