Sample Religious Studies Paper on The Life We’re Looking for by Andy Crouch

The Essay (1500 words) is comprised of three parts:


  • Part I (500-600 words) is a summary of The Life We’re Looking for by Andy Crouch which includes an overview of his argument and main ideas. In continued conversation with Crouch,


  • Part II (600-700 words) you will identify a particular feature of your current experience in a technological world that is dehumanizing and/or damaging to creation. This feature can be something unique to your field of study or it can be a common human experience or activity (like friendship, commerce, identity, civil discourse, etc). This second part must include research that describes how this feature affects us and our relationship to others and/or the world. It must also offer a researched Christian response using one or more of the conceptual tools we learned in class (like antithesis, structure and direction, the original goodness of creation, the cultural mandate, the religious root of existence, etc).


  • Part III (250-300) is a reflection on the counter-liturgies or “redemptive moves” that you practiced during weeks 10-13 of the course to re-direct that dehumanizing feature toward shalom. Be sure to explain the rationale behind the practices you selected, a description of how they were implemented in your daily/weekly life, and what you noticed in terms of challenges and payoffs. The 3 parts must be delineated by headings but the essay should be a unified project with an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction must include an underlined thesis statement.


  • The essay must be written according to Chicago Turabian format standards and include a cover page and a works cited page. Please use footnotes rather than parenthetical citations. You are expected to include our course texts as resources along with a minimum of 2 other peer-reviewed sources.