Sample Religious Studies Paper on The Book of Joel

The Bible provides Christians with numerous teaching about the kingdom of God. It also educates them on how they should conduct themselves on earth. The book of Joel Chapter 2 is divided into four parts that focus on how sinners will be punished, the need for Christians to surrender their hearts to God through repentance, the Lord’s answer to his people, and the events that will take place on the day of the Lord. The chapter assures Christians of Jehovah’s deliverance of those who believe in Him.

Book and Pericope Chosen

The selected book for this discussion is Joel. Joel was one of the minor prophets chosen after the selection of the initial twelve disciples. The periscope chosen was Joel Chapter 2. It discusses the punishments that sinners would receive, the need to turn back to God, God’s mercy, and the end of time.

Personal Preconceptions

Having been raised in a Christian home, I have been taught about the need to develop my faith in God and believe in Him. As a child, I attended Sunday school and have continuously developed my faith by going to church every Sunday. Some of the songs that were sung in church and those associated by the Christian faith address the destruction that will characterize the day of the Lord. Listening to these songs always reminded me of the need to repent and ask God for his grace to lead a righteous life. The Biblical teachings in my church are connected to the message of Joel, in terms of, their reference to the end of time, the mercy God will have on his people, and the suffering that those who do not worship Him will endure. I have heard this text being preached at my church and on Christian podcasts. The message always focuses on the need for Christians to repent their sins and live a righteous life that pleases the Lord. I have also come across this text while attending Christian missionary work.

Preconception about the Book and Pericope

Some of the preconceptions that I had about the book before reading it were that the book would describe the life of Joel as a minor prophet and the visions that he saw regarding the lives that Christians lived. After reading the pericope, I connected it to other sections of the Bible that discuss the end of time (Henry, 2018; Assis, 2013). I also linked the message on this chapter to the teaching that I have received throughout my journey of faith as a Christian (Revelation 9:7).

Initial Impression

My initial impression of the book was that God is merciful and when his people call upon Him, he will take pity on them and end their suffering, but if they remain proud and sinful, he will destroy them. Reading the chapter I also thought of God as being powerful and jealous. By stating that “that I am the Lord your God, and that there is no other…” (Joel 2: 27), he implies that Christians should only worship Him.

Critical and Reflective Questions

Some of the critical questions that I asked myself while going through this scripture included the purpose that God had for his people, why did He allow them to suffer?, and whether the day of the Lord come to pass?. I also reflected on the good deeds that God has done in my life and where I would be on the day of the Lord. I believe that Christians should focus their trust and faith in God and he will restore them whenever they sin.


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