Sample Religious Studies Paper on development as a leader within your ministry organization


At the end of the course, it is important to think about the changes the interactions, readings, presentations, and assignments have had on your development as a student and as a person. This assignment is designed to assist in your overall assessment of the course, and in your overall development as a leader within your ministry organization.



You will write a 3–5-page reflection essay. This assignment is an opportunity for you to think through the way in which the readings and interactions in the course have helped to form your thinking both personally and organizationally throughout the past 8 modules. Attention must be given to the development of thought over the course (where you started and where you are currently). Your essay must be written in current Turabian format.


Format of the Essay:


  1. Introduction (½ page)
  2. Personal Reflection (1-1.5 pages)
  3. Organizational Reflections (1-1.5 pages)
  4. Conclusion (½ page)

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