Sample Religious Studies Paper on Crowned and Bejewelled Buddha Image and Throne

Write a essay about this topic7. Crowned and Bejewelled Buddha Image and Throne, 19th century Myanmar (Burma)
(Asian Art Museum, SF)

You have to follow the rubric and also the two-point below:
you have to write a brief introduction
While giving a good introduction, consider drawing a strong conclusion to form structurally more coherent writing. It is great to explore and reflect on other aspects of the object such as nature, features, spirituality, etc.
You may also highlight the challenges in writing such a paper.(its like what kind of question you still quit confuse but its interset)

In ‘topic’ use Double space with Times New Roman font size 12 is good. and the key point is answer the first 5 questions and being an essay and the important is about the rubic part and the background pdf (book/lecture)