Sample Religious Studies Paper on Core Value and Core Belief

Core beliefs are basic beliefs about us and the surrounding. They are things a person holds to be complete truth deep down their thoughts. They greatly determine how a person interprets and perceives the universe. Core beliefs are considered unquestionable because they are fully accepted to be the truth by a person. They determine the degree of a person’s worth, safety and competency. Core beliefs start forming in a person’s early stages of life and advances as they mature. They can be acquired through experience in life, observing what other people do, and information from elders or friends. Beliefs on religion are mainly formed through religious books and information from religious leaders. Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgement – you shall condemn.” Based on this scripture, Christians have a belief that all forms of war and destruction targeted on them by enemies are rendered useless. It is embedded in their thoughts that nothing will harm nor prejudice them. Additionally, Christians have a core belief that they have the power to condemn wicked people who are after their downfall on spiritual basis.

Core values are principles that dictate a person’s character. These principles help a person to differentiate between right and wrong. Core values can be positive or negative depending on one’s personality. Positive core values like honesty, loyalty, and positivity are vital in shaping a person’s character. Some people can depict negative behavior that may be driven by negative values like greed and self-interest. People living in distress and insecurity may also develop negative core values since they are compelled to focus on how to survive in tough situations. Therefore, the terms core value and core beliefs are not the same because core values determine a person’s behavior while core beliefs determine a person’s world perception based on their thoughts.