Sample Religious Studies Paper on Christianity and Ethics

An individual cannot be a Christian and be unethical in day-to-day life, have no core value system, and have no core belief system. Ethics refers to well-founded standards that define right and wrong that determine what people should do in terms of their obligations, rights, fairness, or benefits to society.  A person’s core value system is usually based on knowing proper moral rules and discipline. A core belief system refers to a person’s ideologies or set or principles that help in the interpretation of reality in everyday life

Based on Biblical teachings, a Christian must act ethically. The Bible states that a Christian must showcase acts, attitudes, and character that are approved by God. The Bible stresses the need for humans to “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord and that fully pleases Him.” A general Christian belief is that God delights in his own moral character. God is good, loving, caring, liking, welcoming, and forgiving. 1 John 4:4 states that humans are little children of God and that God is in them. Since humans are little children of God, they have to demonstrate the moral and ethical character of God. God also has a core value and belief system. He expects humans to live life in a certain way that is delighting and pleasing to him. The core values and beliefs of God are that people should love one another, care for one another, forgive one another, and help one another in every situation. These are some of the acts that Christians are expected to demonstrate in daily life.

A Christian must live according to the teachings of the Bible whereby what God expects of humans are highlighted. God is both moral and ethical, and since humans are little children of God, they have to be ethical and moral. A Christian must also have a core value and belief system just like God who is their heavenly father.