Sample Reflective Paper on Positive Values

Positive Values Reflection Paper

Core values are the important beliefs of an individual or organization. As such, they are the fundamental principles that govern people’s actions and behaviors (Stosny, 2010). Core values helps people to know the wrong or right things in their daily lives. As an individual, I have various positive core values such as respect, reliable, honest, open minded, passionate, courageous and committed. In relation to respect, I always value by obeying all people irrespective of their age or status in the society. I am also honest and reliable by always telling the truth. Furthermore, I am also passionate and committed in anything I do so as to achieve success.

The various ways that people acquire or change values include personal experiences, learning institutions, families and friends among others (Reece, 2011). For example, a person would acquire the value of determination if he or she fails in a certain task. Determination ensures that the individual strives hard to achieve success like studying hard in order to pass examinations. Schools also teach values like commitment, honesty and open mindedness among its students. Similarly, families teach their siblings on important values like respect and humility. As such, values are important as they mainly teach people to always do the right thing in the society. For example, commitment and honesty are important life values. Values also help people to develop themselves through learning and appreciation (Stosny, 2010).

In the work place, values such as commitment to sustainability ensure that people act in environmentally friendly ways. Similarly, respect for employees ensures that they are treated in humane ways. For example, providing employees with safety materials is one way of respecting the human nature. Furthermore, innovation ensures continued success of an organization and the corporate culture. Therefore, values are important to both individuals and organizations.



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