Sample Reflection Paper on My Cooking Career

My Cooking Career

Ever since I was young, I knew what I wanted to be in the near future; a renowned chef. I have always had an intrinsic passion when it comes to cooking. It is with this profound reason that I developed the habit of watching a wide range of cooking programs on the television with the intent of learning valuable tips of proper cooking. At the tender age of 11, I got to learn a broad array of recipes as I would always pay keen attention to everything that my mother’s cooking techniques. I would gain satisfaction and solace from just cooking or learning on different cooking methods. I became more convinced of what I would be, as my future became clearer after each and every passing day. At the age of 21, I enrolled for cooking classes at the University of California, after which I graduated with a distinction. I was lucky to be employed at one of the 5 star hotel that is located within my State. I gained more experience as I honed my cooking skills after which I became recognized as the best Chef in the hotel. However, my ambition soon shifted after my mother was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. According to the doctors, Diabetes is elucidated as a lifestyle disease that is portrayed in terms of low amount of insulin in the body or high amount of blood glucose sugar within the body’s bloodstream. According to several medical research studies, approximately 12 million people are diabetic. Out of this population, 10% succumb to the disease whereas the rest have to live with the awful experience of injecting themselves with insulin. I strongly believe that an ounce of prevention is as important as a cure. It is with this sole reason that I chose to introduce the public to stellar and healthy diet that would be helpful for an individual to evade from a myriad of existing lifestyle diseases. With the intent of educating the general public, I chose to commence my journey of blogging on healthy foods. It’s been close to 5 years now since I took the courageous step of resigning on my job so as to put more focus on blogging. Today, I am an established nutritionist who not only cooks but also advices the general public on how they could adapt to healthy feeding. My blog also entails key information on the recipes through which I introduce the public to a simple step by step procedure of cooking a healthy meal.

Through blogging, I have been able to reach a multitude of people from all walks of life. This makes me extremely proud as I strongly believe that I have saved at least an individual from having to experience any type of lifestyle diseases. However, amid the success are fifteen employees who have dedicated their lives into passing valuable information to a vast majority of people. This journey has not been a piece of cake due to the fact that I still continue to face a plethora of daunting challenges. However, during my former blogging years, I was able to learn on the different ways through which any organization can successfully attain its set goals. First and foremost, an organization is likely to cut an edge over its competitors if there is proper coordination among the employees who ought to embrace the aspect of teamwork, proper communication and self-management (Ferguson, 2004). In addition to this, I have learnt on the importance of critical thinking, proper planning and organization skills.

Communication is regarded as key in conveying vital information from one person to the next. An organization’s success is mainly determined by the forms of communication that have been adapted by the company. Effective communication can serve as a tool for improving the employee’s productivity. Thus, it is compulsory and essential for an organization to foster open communication, knowledge-sharing and creativity so as to build a workforce that is committed and dedicated to maintaining the organization’ s values together with attaining the set goals. Amid the current state of technology advancements, communication has been made easy with the introduction of new, better and effective communication devices and methods (Ferguson, 2004). In addition to this, I will utilize effective communication techniques as a tool for the employees to build robust teamwork, organizational skills and self-motivation.

Aside from an organization adapting to proper communication, there is need for good teamwork. For any team to function, the organization has to select team leaders who have the knowledge, skills and ability to develop their team (Ferguson, 2004). The team leaders should fully comprehend on the importance of teamwork and how it is a necessity for the organization. Aside from guiding my team, I seek to motivate each and every employee to work with an aim of attaining the organizations set goals and objectives.

Leaders are simply described as the organization’s glue due to the fact that they are able to bind the organization together, set its direction whilst making sure that the every department within the organization functions as one unit.  A leader ought to ensure that everyone works tirelessly towards achieving the company’s goals and objectives. As a leader, I’ll need to employ good communication skills, organizational skills and emotional intelligence.

Even though I am enthusiastic on the current expansion of the organization, I am still dubious on how I’ll be able to manage a large team. Nevertheless, I am glad to have gained valuable knowledge and skills that are regarded as vital for the successful running of any organization.



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