Sample Questions on Conflict in the Workplace

Question 1

Finding a viable solution to the complications faced at the workplace requires the understanding of the different dynamics affecting proper productivity. For effective solving of the some of the conflicts, one needs to employ collaborating approach that encourages engaging the other party and working together to get an amicable solution (American Management Association n.p).

Question 2

Considering the intensity and the energy involved in conflict resolution, I did not expect to employ collaboration as the primary conflict resolution technique. The method demand for compromise from both parties which sometimes may be hard to attain (Gerard and Louis p.19). Moreover, it may take a long time to find a solution as each of the conflicting persons may aim at fighting for their interest rather than working to solve the prevailing problem. The delay may not only hamper productivity from both individual and organizational level and also limit relationship development. However, the approach proved to be effective as it enabled both parties to understand the values and weaknesses of one another correctly.

Question 3

In one instance, I got into a conflict with one of my colleagues. The person had not completed some of the tasks that were assigned to him thus limit the performance of the entire team. Although we first engaged in a fierce confrontation, I latter engaged him to understand what had gone wrong. Through this, we used the collaboration technique and worked together to finish the job before the deadline.

Question 4

The technique employed in solving the problem was a little different from that of self-assessment but applied some of its principles. For instance, I reevaluated my first reaction towards him and identified some of my weaknesses that could hinder our relationship. After using the collaborative approach, I was able to work on my limits and resolve the conflict.



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