Sample Public Relations Paper on a regulated Company’s official employee blog

Analyze a regulated Company’s official employee blog.

Situation Simulation: You’ve been recently hired to do PR for a highly regulated company. Your first assignment is to analyze and evaluate the Company’s official blog site and to make recommendations on how to improve engagement and reach. Keeping in mind these industries (Automotive, Financial and Pharmaceutical) are heavily bound by US government regulation – produce a brief overview and analysis of the current blog offerings. Then offer 2-5 key recommendations for how to increase the blog’s reach, impact and audience engagement – elevating its PR value. Give examples/specifics if possible. Prepare a MS WORD document as though it is going to be shared in the C-Suite of this Company. (<300 words, bullet points & brief narrative)

Please perform a word count in MS WORD and include the number of words along with your name and the Session assignment name at the top of the page.