Sample Public Administration Paper on the public and private sector

Sample Public Administration Paper on the public and private sector

The relative size of the public and private sector in united State continues to record a noticeable difference that might take years to bridge. Evidently, the public sector is growing as the industry shrinks. In light of this view, the industry sheds jobs to almost every state contrary to the government that employs contractors to distract taxpayer-funded employment. The government offers 3.5 million jobs that represented by 19.2 percent nationally (Bernstein et al., 64). The private sector supports the workforce by 24.6 percent, which means that taxation is heightened on this ground making the area to record low output (Jackson 71). Recently, the records show that about five states lost private sector employment implying that the private sector is underperforming.

The growth of local, states and the federal government has taken several strides to reach the level they are as per now. To start with, the state government was established after the declaration of independence. During that period, the likes of Reagan and other stakeholders contributed to the writing of about 150 constitutions that were for state government local governments (Jackson 48). The local government was promoted to guard the welfare of citizens about cases such as rape, murder, and theft. The federal government was established after the constitution of 1787 was written. Up to date executive, judicial, and legislative branches have grown to take care of how the nation is being led regarding the presidency and court system.

The government expenditure serves many purposes. The disbursement of finances by the government meets Infrastructural development, healthy and education sector for the benefit of the public. In addition, the security system is also allocated a given amount to counter-terrorism attacks. The government has different sources of revenue (Jackson 58). Tax from businesses and employees adds up to the government revenue. Moreover, sale and excise tax contribute heavily to the total income used to cater for expenditures at local, state and federal government levels.




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