Sample Psychology Paper on Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques

Stress management techniques are methods aimed towards the control and relieve of stress. There are different healthy methods of coping with stress such as meditation, deep breathing, exercising, humor therapy, focusing, and muscle relaxation. I found deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and exercising very effective after a trial.

Stress management techniques vary from person to person but, deep breathing remains the most favorable technique after the trial. Being an easy technique, it could be used in most situations regardless of the environment. It represents a foundation for most stress management techniques because it is included in some like muscle relaxation. This is a technique that could be used every day in different situations since it keeps the body calmer and more relaxed. Deep breathing could be used most helpful situations like interviews, exams, stage performance, and in a court case.

Meditation, focusing, guided imagery and spontaneous writing seem to concentrate on a particular focus that helps in relaxation. They exhibit similarity in the sense that stress is focused on one element such as thinking of something specific like the ocean in the case of focused imagery. Exercising, spontaneous writing, focusing, and guided imagery could prove very useful to a college student because they help get rid of distractions overcrowding the brain. Mason, however, advises students to exercise, eat a well-balanced diet and participate in extra-curricular activities in an effort to deal with stress (Kayla A, 9).

In conclusion, everybody deals with stress and it is a major cause of chronic diseases hence the importance of dealing with it amicably. Apart from the techniques defined in the exercise, stress could be managed many different ways depending on the situation and the environment. Other techniques such as taking a walk, listening to music, and preparing a working schedule could be added in the exercise to widen the scope.





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