Sample Psychology Paper on Queer Habits

Sample Psychology Paper on Queer Habits

Heather has the idea that history has a way to cover for strange contemporary behaviors practiced by the human race through time. An example that has been used is that homosexuality has been practiced by the human race for centuries. However, he notes that vital information on some of the queer practices that societies indulged in, in the past had been obstructed by those who were in positions of power. Gay people and others to whom the community perceived as a disgrace were rarely recognized and therefore much about them have remained untold. Some may, however, have been lured into this acts without their consent as it’s depicted in “Knight in shining Armor,” One hears the pathetic cry of the child who is not in a position to own anything. This scenario portrays a society that is perverted, yet it highly conceals its peculiar habits. Information may, however, be encrypted in medieval artifacts to demonstrate social activities practiced by cultures from the past.

There were some individuals in the past to whom they were determined and were hopeful that somehow information concerning unusual behaviors of the past would find its way into the present. Poet Sappho from Greece is one such individual who is quoted in one of his poetic work expressing his confidence that long after the generation of his time is no more, information concerning their practices would one day be known by those of the future which is the present. In one of his poets, he is quoted saying “Someone will remember us……. even in another time.” (Heather 35).

The author also notes that the purpose of history is not to seek to define the unique threshold of the emergence of the human race but rather, to make visible the discontinuities that cross people. Fradenburg and Freccero are of the opinion that a closer scrutiny of historical identification serves to undermine rather than stabilize the identity. The identifications would expose the unnatural life of the past that hibernates in the present.

The past and the current both present scenarios that indicate the stigma associated with gay relationships. From the very nature of such unions, those who practice and the society at large know that it’s unnatural, but it is practiced anyway though very few want to be identified or associated with the vice. The author is trying to demystify the secrecy surrounding strange habits that humans have guarded against external exposure yet it’s very life within societies both in the past as well as the present generation. The boundary between needs and desires is not clearly explained to understand the reasons for such queer behaviors among humans.

My opinion on these strange practices associated with the various societies both present and in the past reflect a guilty society. Those who indulge in such queer practices are not so proud of their actions hence the secrecy surrounding the topic. It is neither out of desire nor the need to indulge in homosexuality but the sheer perversion of the society. Those who practice these strange behaviors know that it’s wrong, unnatural and shameful but they put on façade to pretend that they enjoy such lifestyles. Over the years, this minority group has employed every means necessary to have their voices heard. The Hollywood is one such scenario through which homosexuality is being normalized through the airing of movies that support such queer practices. The first such act involved two men dancing together in the “Dickson Experimental Sound Film,” shot in 1895. Several nations have allowed the gay people to make parades in their capitals duped the pride march as a process of recognition and acceptance by other societies and nations.

The use of such words as Pride only depict a desperate group of few individuals who are not so happy with their indulgences but who are of the opinion, “It’s my life I can do as I wish” though their conscience is troubled (Doan 45). This recognition of the so called minor groups has the potential to castigate the emergence of another queer group of personalities like pedophiles who may also agitate for the recognition of “their” rights. People have negated the real reasons for companionship to just lust. Same sex families undergo challenges especially when there are children involved. Acceptance of gay people and other of a similar sexual orientation is now widely accepted under the banner, LGBTQ. Where the “Queer” serves as an umbrella term that converges majority of such people as it cuts across those with sexual orientation and gender identity (Doan 75). It includes anyone who does not associate with heteronormativity, and rather they have non-binary or gender expansive identities.

These Queer behaviors if they were in anyway justifiable, they would adequately serve all the needs of a couple without having to apply other means to supplement their existence. With this, I mean gay couples shouldn’t adopt children but rather if the unions were perfect and that which demonstrate the new family formations. The individual that substitutes the other gender in such unions should be in a position to meet all the responsibilities and duties of a wife in a union and vice versa.



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