Sample Psychology Paper on Psychology Counseling


Concentration is a muscle, and it requires time to time exercise to strengthen it. Kids are born differently, and some might be stronger in this area than others. On the other hand, they can both learn different strategies and engage themselves in various practices to improve their ability to focus. Children love fun (Williams, 2014). That’s why many children will prefer to concentrate on more enjoyable activities and neglect the boring one or even the ones that are challenging and no enjoyable. Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention and focus on one thing at the moment.

Friendship is part of life; in Charlie’s case, he is not comfortable with his class colleagues. But it doesn’t mean that it comes naturally to people. We need to learn the skills like listening and understanding what people say, having a positive attitude while interacting, starting a conversation, and keeping it going (Latzman & Shishido, 2013). For too many kids, this may sound easy because they have these skills. Or they even build them quickly as they grow older. On the other hand, some kids get nervous or even anxious to start a conversation with other kids.

Children with ADHD sometimes seem to have no control over their actions or even speech. And in this case, we have different children with different symptoms and, at the same time, with further treatment (Bijleveld et al., 2019). ADHD can negatively affect a child’s life, but the good news is that it can be treated, and sometimes even a change of diet can bring a positive effect. Charlie’s broadness’ comes from not being challenged or motivated by the subject being discussed, or he Ruther has less desk time. On such occasions, parents maybe think that the teachers are not presenting the materials in the right way for their kids to have their attention.

The likes of Charlie, who don’t need a lot of instruction to master a skill, are complaining of being bored at school because they are under-challenged students, and they usually don’t study so hard though they still get good grades (Bijleveld et al., 2019). These kids do feel like they already know what is being taught, and they need no more to put effort into learning something new. We cannot categories them as lazy, but at some point, they feel like what they are learning is not essential. On the other hand, children who have problems connecting with their teachers may also get bored because they will feel isolated. To some extent, parents should try and encourage his/her child to explain what they learned in class, mainly what they learned in every lesson.


            However, strategies that can be used to motivate such kids aim to strengthen them, while some aim to make their working conditions more favorable. Systems that may desire to enhance them to learn may include common-sense strategies such as allowing the child to have enough rest, having a balanced diet, persistent productivity, and balancing the schedule with school. This kind of student may have more mental energy and physical energy, too, that is required to maintain their task. Other strategies may include the student modifying the mission for his interest.





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