Sample Psychology Paper on Model of Optimal Learning

Write a paper (1000-1,500 words) that provides the foundation of your model of optimal learning with technology. Include the following in your paper:

A clear statement of the setting for your model. For what age range or developmental stage of the learner is the model designed? What technological platform (e.g., e-learning, mobile learning, augmented reality) will be incorporated into the model?
A theoretic underpinning for your model of learning that is appropriate to the age range or developmental stage of the learner for whom the model is designed. What relevant theory(ies) from contemporary and seminal research on learning and cognition frame your perspective? (Benchmarks C5.2: Analyze and apply theories of learning and cognition.)
A research-based evaluation of at least two potential technological platforms that could be used to support your model of learning. Why are these technological platforms suitable for your model while others are not? In what ways could these technological platforms be applied to support your model of optimal learning with technology? (Benchmarks C5.3: Evaluate and apply technologies for learning.)
A research-based discussion of how your model of learning incorporates the theoretical underpinnings described above with the technological platform being used. How is your specific technology tool integrated into your theoretical underpinnings of your model of learning? (Benchmarks C5.1: Integrate psychology with emerging technologies to craft innovative communication and learning solutions.)