Sample Psychology Paper on Kolb’s experiential learning theory

SOURCES: So basically, I got the feedbacks and our instructor says kolb’s experiential theory is not a kind of the development theory. Therefore, we need to choose another one as our topic. Also the application should be on individual. I probably missed that info so I didn’t notify you. I am so sorry about it.
Here is his comments:
Unfortunately, I cannot accept this paper as it does not meet the requirements of the
assignment. Kolb’s experiential learning theory, or any other experiential learning theory is NOT a development theory and thus cannot be used for the assignment. Further, you must address the assignment via a situation and an individual. You are addressing a group without any sample application. I suggest you go back to the assignment and write a new paper.
CONTENT: So just pick another topic that is not experiential learning and address it via a situation and individual. Thank you so much. please contact me if you still have any questions.

Comments from Customer

PREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#507432398): The papers are designed to help you develop a problem case using one or more of the adult developmental theories covered in the readings.(dont use the 4s system from the text book because that is for the 2nd assignment) Thus, the paper actually represents one comprehensive work that uses all of the components of the class and requires you to apply it to a work/personal situation.


Select one or more of the Development Theories covered in the reading and apply it to a particular work/personal situation that you would like to explore. The paper must contain a section that describes the construct of the theory—i.e., assumes that the reader has no prior knowledge about adult development theories. The paper also needs to define the situation or problem and associate the correlation you are making between the developmental theory and the situation.