Sample Psychology Paper on Gender-Sexual Orientation Discrimination

This week you will submit your “First Draft” for your paper. You have identified your topic and outlined what you are looking into. You have conducted a literature review of scholarly articles about your case and created a list with a minimum of 15 references from peer-reviewed publications.

This is not your final draft. It is expected to be rough, but the outline components should be included.

You have organized your support literature by content in your annotated bibliography, and now you are following your outline and writing your first draft. This week you will write five pages of your paper.

*****This is related to the work you already did for me (annotated bibliography), I will attached the outline but it do not like how it came out so if there are things you prefer to change I wouldn’t mind.
****Things to take into consideration:
-it most be focused within the United States
-references should not be older than 10 years
-and the most important THIS IS A RESEARCH ABOUT GENDER-SEXUAL ORIENTATION DISCRIMINATION BUT IT HAS TO BE RELATED TO INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATION PSYCHOLOGY meaning we have to related the topic all the time to the workplace, how it affects everyone, laws created because of this matter (the professor gave us a list of laws of acts some of them are related and protect individuals from gender and sexual orientation discrimination, I will attach them in a separate word document)
-APA 7th edition required.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.