Sample Psychology Paper on Gender-Sexual Orientation Discrimination

You can now go ahead and begin the final research.
-I would like if you could divide the paper depending on every subtitle you are going to talk about, for example if you are going to talk about the area where men get better pay than women, to kind of give a subtitle when you are introducing this part for the paper to have a guidance (since it is not a draft anymore we are not supposed to use ‘research problem’ ‘research outcome’ or subtitles like this anymore. I will attach an example the instructor provided to us.
-it is recommended to avoid repeating over and over the same information or going back and forth with the same information in different parts of the paper.
-stick to USA sources and not older than ten years.
-remember that the most important requirement of this research is to associate it with industrial organizational psychology (an applied discipline within psychology, is the science of human behavior in the workplace.)
-when giving the conclusions, besides summarizing as always in a conclusion, we could give our opinion as if we were Industrial-Organizational Psychologists .

Sorry about so many specifications this is the closest thing to a thesis and it is indeed very important, please contact me with any question or clarification you need from me, if you need my personal point of view as well contact me. Thanks, I’ll stay in touch.