Sample Psychology Paper on Depression and Bipolar

Major depression is a severe medical illness that affects many people. As compared to the ordinary emotional experiences of unhappiness, ortransient mood states, major depression is continual and in most cases affects aperson’s thinking, actions, disposition, and physical health.Nonetheless, most individuals have experienced some forms of depression and their major impact on the brain is what causes major depression.

There are four kinds of major depression. The first form of depression affects individuals’ thought process, hampering them from focusingon something, and most reflections are negative. The second kind of depression entails change in mood and inspiration, which makes individuals not to enjoy activities they used to, and causes them to beirritablemost of the time. The third form of depression entails the change that occurs among individuals, for instance, the lack of interest in important issues, such as sex, personal hygiene, and appetite. The last category involves physical changes, for example, feeling tired and dilapidated, experiencing pain,and being sickly.

Tara begun experiencing problems associated with depression at a tender age.She would often keep everything to herself in a fancy world despite feeling lonesome and miserable. She also had a feeling of angerandabhorrence towards her family and teachers. The death of her boyfriend during high school negatively affected her and stretched her suffering. She would sleep for long hours, had little food, and even considered suicide.While she was in college, her situation did not get better since she tried to commit suicide several timesduring her hospitalizations. Afterwards, she was diagnosed with major depression.

According to Tara, her symptoms of depression started when shewas 9 years wherebyshe experienced loneliness, as she had no friends around her. She underwent problemsin school severally and in some instances, she would jump out of her bedroom window. She claims that all her predicaments began when she was in the 4th grade. During the depression’s diagnosis process, a person must exhibit five or more symptoms: dejected disposition, decreased interest in normal activities, substantial reduction of body weight with no deliberate dietary change, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, disturbed or slow behavior, contemplations of irrelevance or remorse, reduced cognitive capacity, andrecurrent thoughts of suicide. Tara manifested all these symptoms.

Joseph Wisecracker is another example of a personwho was affected with depression disorder that led to his mass killing of seven people. He exhibited several symptoms like Kara, for instance,mood change, suicidal ideation, obsession, and anger. He also showed symptoms of agitationand bad relationship with close people, which even led to his cases of divorce.

Bipolar disorder, previously referred to as manic depression, is a mental health state that causes severe mood swings, which include expressive hypomania and depression. When individuals become depressed, they exhibit feelings of sadness or desperation and lose interest in many activities. Virginia Woolf and Bernie are exemplary charactersthat suffered from Bipolar II disorder. Virginia Woolf underwent euphoric experiences and incredible creativity that made her story to be part of the current literature. Herphases of depression triggered suicidalthoughts and the ill treatment by physicians also aggravated her condition. For instance, the rest treatmentsuggested to her by physicians incapacitated herabilityto create and write at the time she wanted to do that most. Separating her fromthe society and her hobbies bore a lasting impact on the way she reacted to future suicidal thoughts.

Depression and bipolar disorder are related illness that impact on the lifestyles of many individuals. Some of the symptoms as seen in the cases above are not easily identified and have no medical cure. It is important that for people to note some of the symptoms in the early stages for a proper intervention to address these conditions and their end result are always fatal as in the case of Joseph Wisecracker.