Sample Psychology Paper on cognitive strengths of early adulthood

Part I: A. Take the Rathus Assertiveness Schedule (RAS) on page 233. It has been around since the 70s. <actually, i=”” used=”” it=”” as=”” one=”” of=”” the=”” assessments=”” in=”” my=”” doctoral=”” dissertation=”” (which=”” was=”” about=”” assertiveness=”” training)=”” to=”” prove=”” “theory”=”” -=”” worked!<br=””>B. Use the scoring key on page 238, and let us know about your results in several substantive paragraphs. C. Are you aggressive, passive, unassertive, or assertive? Explain in a well-constructed answer.

Part II: From Page 216-223 one long/large topic of Chapter 8 is Persuasion: including Hard Pushing, Soft Pedaling, the Elaboration Likelihood model, sales techniques and more. Let us know in a couple of paragraphs how you react(ed) to the reading on Social Influence.

Part III: What is emerging adulthood? and the physical and cognitive strengths of early adulthood? What is successful aging? What does selective optimization with compensation mean to you? (Do not give me an answer from your text; give me an answer from your heart!