Sample Psychology Paper on challenges that mature students face vs traditional students in university

IPA analysis research paper on challenges that mature students face vs traditional students in university.

I have completed interviews and they need to be analyzed with references.

Learning Outcomes
• Understand the characteristics of
writing up qualitative research
• Be familiar with the requirements for
your coursework report specificallyindicated by the assignment brief.
• Be familiar with how we judge the
quality of qualitative research
Recap: Analytic approaches
IPA Discourse Analysis
IPA is concerned with how people
perceive their lived experience
(phenomenology) and is concerned
with understanding how people
make sense of their experience
which is achieved through the
interpretative activity of the
The focus is on how people talk
about things, what they ‘do’ with
their talk or how particular ways of
constructing social reality (offering
a particular version of events)
functions to ‘do’ something in the
Writing up qualitative research
• The overall principles of writing up both
quantitative and qualitative research are
• All reports (qual or quant) deal with work that
has already taken place and should therefore
be written in the past tense.
• ‘Studies’ rather than ‘experiments’
• In qualitative research the ‘Results’ section is
often referred to as the ‘Analysis’ or ‘Findings’
Presenting data and writing up
Typical qualitative report has same sections as
standard report:
• Title
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Method
• Analysis/Findings
• Discussion
• References
• Appendices (though not usual in published papers)
Specific coursework requirements:
Abstract (CW)
þ 200 words max (this does not count as part of
the overall word limit)
þShould overview:
þ your research question
þ your method of data collection
þ your method of analysis
þ your findings (themes)
þ very brief identify some strengths and
weaknesses of the method