Sample Psychology Paper on Adaptation versus Fitness

Adaptation refers to the genetic changes and mutation that assist an organism for instance plants, animals or human beings survive in their living habitats. A trait is a distinct feature that generally belongs to an individual. Many individuals believe that an organism’s adaption is a trait that boosts its survival rate and chances. For an attribute that promotes the survival rate and possibilities of individuals to be categorized as an adaptation, the quality must also boost the individual’s capability to create an offspring that can survive until they attain the independence age. However, some circumstances make the survival-enhanced characteristic be selected against at times. One of the things that would make a survival-enhanced attribute to be chosen against is if people with this trait consistently give birth to fewer offspring that has a lower surviving rate compared to the short-lived people. An individual’s survival does not necessarily equal to his or her fitness.

A living organism’s fitness is a degree of its capability to reproduce and survive. A survival enhancing feature is therefore selected against if it consistently reduces its reproductive ability and fitness. An example of such a scenario is that a bird with dull colors may have an increased survival rate as it is highly camouflaged. However, it faces many obstacles for attracting mates especially if it is male. The general law dictates that female birds are more attracted to bright colors and thus choose males with beautiful and bright colors, leaving the dull colored ones unproductive. The rule, therefore, strikes a balance between fitness and survival. Various occurrences my favor fitness over survival and after a given period, the population will examine those alterations.