Sample Psychology Essays on Funding Proposal vs. Research Proposal

Proposals are meant to offer viable approaches for consideration by stakeholders. However, not all proposals are the same. They differ significantly, which is the case for research and funding proposals. They share some similarities but also differ substantially in terms of structure and purpose. This paper compares and contrasts funding and research proposals.

While funding proposals are prepared to seek for implementation of projects, research proposals put forward ways through which a research will be implemented. Funding proposals are intended to seek funding by presenting a compelling case for the project that is proposed for implementation. In this regard, focus is directed to project goals/objectives and the likely benefits that the funders will derive from investing in the proposed initiative (Levine, 2015). A funding proposal, therefore, provides a breakdown of resources/cost to be incurred against the expected benefits with an aim of convincing an investor that the project is worth investing in. In contrast, a research proposal places emphasis on presenting a case for research rather than funding (Levine, 2015). In this context, the researcher pitches for the intended research and the approach for its implementation with an aim of getting a go ahead to conduct the research. They can either be solicited or unsolicited.

In both cases, however, a succinct and well-articulated objective is a necessity. In this regard, it is contended that those evaluating the project intend to understand the benefits associated with the implementation of the project. Unlike a research proposal, a funding proposal requires dedicated section detailing resources required including personnel, equipment, budget, supplier, and facilities to be used (Yousaf, 2018). In contrast, a research proposal focuses on the methodology and proposed approach to conducting the research proposal.

While a funding proposal seeks to justify the viability of a project and hence convince its funding, a research proposal presents and justifies the need for studying a research proposal and proposing practical ways for conducting the study (Levine, 2015). Further, in breaking away from the direction taken by funding proposals, research proposals present comprehensive literature reviews in order to justify a need for the proposed area of study. This is in addition to justifying a viable methodology to apply in the research study. On the other hand, funding proposals focus on justifying viability of the project, and more importantly, its financial implications and the possible gains that make injection of funds into it, justifiable.

The difference between a funding and a research proposal lies in the general objective. While a funding proposal explicitly targets to justify a need for funding a project, a research proposal seeks to justify a need for research in a particular area. As a result, while the latter places emphasis on elements of the research, the former revolves around funding needs and gaps, and hence a justification for funding towards the need. The audience can also not be ignored. While research proposals are typically presented to academicians, funding proposals conventionally target financiers with an aim of convincing them to fund the project. In both cases, it is important to be clear, concise, and use simple language that says exactly what is meant. Further, they should articulately highlight what the project intends to achieve and the benefits likely to be achieved from its implementation. Both should help the audience to understand their importance and most importantly, justify their implementation.



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