Sample Psychology Case Study Analysis on Frustration

How would you handle the meeting with Lacey’s mom? (Consider insights from the NAEYC standards as well as text information).

First, I would understand Lacey’s mum frustration and reiterate the importance of providing her child with the critical protection needed in learning environments. I will place the full responsibility on the day care facility and ensure her that the entity is implementing necessary steps to streamline and control students’ behaviors. Besides, I will inform her that the day care will assign a teacher to facilitate the effective monitoring of the students in classrooms and playgrounds. I will offer financial assistance to cover medical expenses from the injuries suffered by Lacey. Lastly, I the day care will design home letters detailing drastic steps and strategies that parents can implement to limit future biting incidents among their children.

How will you handle communicating with Tristan’s parents? 

First, I will make a phone call inviting Tristan’s parents to the school. During the meeting, I will put all the blame on the day care facility. Correspondingly, I will make the parents understand that biting incidents are common among children in that age bracket. Lastly, I will give them necessary information and advice to help in preventing future incidents.

How can the center help Tristan? Use chapter information to support your views.

The centre can calmly remind Tristan to avoid biting fellow students. A teacher can constantly remind her that biting hurts fellow student. Furthermore, the centre can encourage the parents to intervene by avoiding actions at home that can reinforce the biting.

What support can you give to Ms. Raven? 

The centre can temporarily move Ms. Raven away from Tristan to avoid related confrontations. In addition, I would engage her in a comfortable environment and calm conversation explaining to her that Tristan is sorry, and that the incident was an accident that will not happen again to her.  Lastly, I will bring the children together and encourage them to reignite their friendships.

What other factors would you consider in this situation?  Use chapter information to support your views

I would give relevant information about biting to both parents to avoid possible overreaction. Typically, children tend to get excited when experimenting and exploring the world. Accordingly, parents should understand that biting is sometimes normal and should aim to eliminate behaviors at home that can reinforce such reactions.