Sample Project Management Paper on a modern equipped music auditorium

Project Summary

This project is about coming up with a modern equipped music auditorium. The auditorium will be equipped with the state of the art musical equipment and other accessories. Music is a major part of the cultural practices that help in communicating important messages. Other types of music also help in passing information from one generation to another. Construction of this state of the art music auditorium will help provide a venue and an avenue for the development of music for the local communities. Many young will use the place to advance their musical talents and find a purpose for their lives. Moreover, the place will offer comfort for the audience who will come to enjoy the performances.

The project is expected to take 10 months from the beginning to its completion. The main tasks will entail conducting market research to ascertain the needs of the community with regards to music venues and performances, development of the auditorium design, mobilization of the funds, procurement of the materials and related labor, actual construction, commissioning and evaluation of the project. Within the ten months, the total cost of the project will be $21,000.00. The venue will also be equipped with associated public utilities like washrooms for ladies and gents. It will also have safety gadgets like fire extinguishers in place.

Project’s Greatest Challenges

Project management helps ensure that project tasks are successfully accomplished. Lack of management may lead to the auditorium project lagging behind in schedule. At the same time, the cost may change without having proper project management in place. In this particular project, the three greatest challenges include lack of structure, unrealistic expectations, and poor communication.

Lack of structure arises when project goals are not clear. The auditorium will have different experts working at the same time or at different times. The project may likely fail to have specific targets for the workers in place. Masonry will require specific experts, the wiring will require electricians, plumbing work for the washrooms and the sound experts will also have their times of making the project successful. With only a few months to complete the project, management requires setting and meeting the daily targets by the workers. Therefore, managing this project will require a structure that captures all the departments in order to set targets and maintain accountability. The structure will also help understand the sequence of the tasks at hand. Management will require the breaking of the larger tasks to smaller, up to the daily tasks to be performed by the individuals.

The unrealistic expectation is a challenge that may also come from bad forecasting of the project. The funds to build the auditorium will come from some stakeholders with high expectations. The proposal may have promised more than the reality. At the same time, it seems that the project duration may appear to be less because of the many activities in equipping the state of the art musical equipment. In the current market, quality musical instruments are expensive. Therefore, the amount produced by the stakeholders or investors may fail to procure the high-quality state of the art equipment as promised in the funding proposal. The way forward will be to set realistic goals as per the tasks involved and the amount of money available to construct and equip the music auditorium and the associated facilities. The project managers should have continuous communication with relevant parties to ensure that the goals in place are realistic as per the budget and timelines.

Proper communication makes work easier at any time and place. A working environment with good communication among all the stakeholders ensures smooth operations (Eskerod &Jepsen 23). In this project, different parties will undertake various tasks in order to deliver a complete and fully furnished musical auditorium. Poor communication will likely lead to an omission on what should be installed as per the schedule. For instance, an omission of a wiring component will likely lead to a major problem later, when it would be too late or expensive to do the rectification. In order to avoid this, the project manager should ensure a communication channel that allows for the flow of information across the chain. Such an efficient communication chain will ensure the identification of problems in good time. Daily updates will be good in this project, owing to the different components that will be installed in the auditorium.

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Constructing and equipping the auditorium will require strict control in order to use the necessary funds adequately and produce the product within the set time. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a tool that helps in controlling the cost and time of performing a project. At the same time, it has the ability to warn of the problems that may affect the project implementation. The tool has certain metrics that make it efficient. The metrics are The Planned Value (PV) that gives the project duration and associated costs, the Actual Cost (AC) spent in a given duration and The Earned Value (EV).

Project Closure

The theatre will be handed over to the management team that will ensure efficient running and operations after commissioning. The team will ensure management on behalf of the community. They will be responsible for the marketing and scheduling of musical performances.



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