Sample Political Science Paper on United States Government

United States Government

  • Discuss the roles of Congress in the US and the powers given to it by the US Constitution?

The US congress has a number of roles that it carries out to enable smooth running of activities in the regime and the nation at large.The first responsibility of the Congress is lawmaking,moreover, this is its core responsibility. It propagates this by ascending regulations that all Americans are mandatorilyrequiredto adhere to. In regulatory terms, the congress regulated television and other matters, including ascending of the federal budget (Steve 98). The congress considers numerous bills that emanatefrom the executive arm and the congress is the only body entitled to create regulations.

The other responsibility regards being in place of the populace, where the congress is tasked with a representationof the American populace. The Congress associates serverespective voters and associates must appease constituent voterswhen they desire to stay in the workplace. This implies every issue must be taken into account founding on notions of the populace who elected them to power.In these regards, three hypothetical grounds are upheld, which comprise of trustee,sociological, and agencyrepresentation (Sullivan 56).Furthermore, the congress is alsotasked  with  the passing of the central regime`s budget. The constitution directs that the Congress  must validate  all administrative spending.

Under segment I, which is the longest article in the US constitution, the Congress is vested with numerous powers. Such powers  comprise of the power to affirmcombat, to make decrees,  to supervise and inspect, as well as validate presidential appointments. The Congress also has  thepower to put down and gather taxes, obligations, and exercises, to pay amounts overdue  and offer for the mutual fortification and universalwellbeing of the US.

  1. What is Logrolling, and explain the pros and cons of such practice?

Awidespread practice  in which associates come in terms of voting for one another`s statements.Logrolling is the dealing of goodwillsand comprises of vote dealing by governmental associates to attain passage of accomplishments of importance to every governmental associate (Steve 112).One advantage of logrolling is that it offers a process through which  partisans  deal  with support for one matter (a pieceof legislation)inexchange for the other partisan`s  support. One legislator initiates the dealing of votes by support another legislator who will intern do the same thing. For legislators  who fail to trade their votes after receiving favor inlogroll risk  tainting their reputation.

  1. How can you make today`s Congress less dysfunctional as they have a job approval rating of less than 10%?

There are numerousmeans in which the Congress maybe made less dysfunctional. To begin with, the congress can be made less dysfunctional through the restructuring of the board structure. This would come in the wake of reducing the incentive for representatives to glue around and accumulateinfluence. Hence,this will result to the reduction of the controlparties exert over their associates, and this will accomplish the dysfunction by affordinggroupstructure reform of every boardchosen on by the complete association of the board.The other way of making the Congress less dysfunctional isbyaugmenting of the dimension of the legislation. This will promise that the champion of the popular vote in premiership challenges, will at the same time emerge a champion in the Electoral College.

  • Discuss all the five roles of the US President is responsible for, and explain what each role intends to do. How does each of the roles affect society today?

The first role is the chief of state where he serves as the symbol frontrunnerof the United States. He represents the nation by leading people in the accurate and desired direction.The other role is the chief legislator and he influences making of regulations of the US, and he achieves this by making civicdeclarations to influence civic conceptso as to achieve the desired goals of the nation (Sullivan 78).The US president also has a role as as chief executiveand in this role he enforces bills of the Congress that passes into regulations. He is also the chief diplomat, where he recognizes overseasregimes throughthe making of accordsfor Americans.Lastly, he is the commander in captain and he takes charge as the ultimate commander of the martial forces of the nation.

  1. What are the pros and cons of all the US president`s roles?

Seemingly, there is anamount of pros and cons of the US President`s roles.A superior  president will endorse   first-class reforms  by ascending important bills like the health care. He  will be  able to propagate  foreign policies that will avert any international issues.To  a little extent, a president,founded on his powers  may institute packages that may lead  to  huge public losses. In several cases, a number of decisions arrived at by a president, for instance, Bush may be disastrous and expose the nation to more problems than solutions.

  1. How can you make each role more effective and comprehensible to the average American?

Moreover, to make the president`s  role  more effective a comprehensive to average Americans, the present and the Congress ought to make  numerous  consultations  before making any movesor actions.  There have to be many reviews and through the findings of the congressional research to find the mainlyappropriate  technique of effecting the roles.

  • Discuss the roles of the US supreme courtand its powers in terms of Judicial Review?

The supreme court is tasked  with the interpretation and expounding  of all   congressional  enactments submitted beforeit  in appropriate cases. At the matchingoccasion,  the supreme court has  power  that supersedes  that of every other courts. Thus, in this light,  it examines central  and state statutes and takes actions  to  confirm whether they conform   to the United States constitution (Sullivan 125).

  1. What are the pros and cons of Judicial Review?

To start with, Judicial Review providesa means  by which laws that go against the constitution can be inhibited from being a made and enacted. It also offers a way of preventing the executive from making mistakes  based on the complex laws and  need interpretation. On the contrary, the power of judicial,review allows courts to impose  theirown notions of the regulations without consideration from any arm of the administration.

  1. How can you make each Us Supreme Court Justice more accountable to the average American?

To makeUS supreme court justice additionally accountable to average Americans, a few measures  must be taken.The first measure regards voting in of “supreme court”impartiality in the same fashion that thelegislators are appointed. This will make them directly accountable to the average American populace. The othermeasure regards imposing  term limits on the justices to  closely bring in  new changes through replacement of acting justices when their tenure ends in a few years, for instance two years.


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