Sample Political Science Paper on Pateman’s view that contract theory should be abandoned

3: title of the paper question I see fit : ‘It is doubtful that Mills’ view that contract theory can be modified and used for emancipatory purposes and Pateman’s view that contract theory should be abandoned can be reconciled’. Do you agree with Charles W. Mills or Carole Pateman? Why?

political theories
if you want to choose another question you are more than welcome to, please just give me a heads up these are the two other options.( you are only supposed to choose one question for the whole essay )

1. ‘Human beings have done many more fetching and elegant things than invent and routinize the modern [state]. But, in face of their endlessly importunate, ludicrously
indiscreet, inherently chaotic and always potentially murderous onrush of needs and longings, they have, even now, done very few things as solidly to their advantage’ (John Dunn). Discuss.

2. Is the modern state relatively autonomous of the dominant social group(s)? Discuss with reference to TWO of class, gender and race.

please reference everything , cite everything please avoid plagiarism, please cite any authors work it is very important to cite every bit even your own opinion with scholars
I will upload some of the articles for the questions that I choose.
please check weeks 9 and 10 articles in the handbook I will upload.
please do not exceed the 2000 words limit stay between 1900-1950 only please
-please use Harvard referencing will upload files on proper referencing guide
– see how many sources you see fit between 12-20.
-please please citations
comments I got from a previous essay on the same subject :
i. Read a little less, and think a little more. You’ve tried to make your reading fit a framework which itself is inaccurate.
ii. Don’t make throwaway statements to the effect that Hobbes has been used ‘to explain how a country function’ or that his thought has been ‘used as fundamental guidelines in forming states’. Claims such as these need evidence.