Sample Political Science Paper on Parliamentary Diary

Diary #1: A Piece of Government: The Copyrights Law of the United States

This publication entails various U.S. codes including the amendments that were enacted by the Congress on June 30 2016. The document includes 17 titles comprising the copyright Act 1976, as well as the other amendments to that Copyright law. The second title is the semiconductor chip act 1984. Another title is the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act from the latest amendment. The copyright bureau functions to register intellectual property issues within the three domains of U.S. legal systems.

The copyright decree is found in chapter 1 to the 10th with 17 titles. The current act framework enactment was in October 19 1976 as Pub. L. No. 94-553, 90 Stat. 2541 (Representation to the 2015 Spending Review np). The act provided a comprehensive revision with some of the orders listed in this paper. Chapter 9, 13 of the 17 titles has the following types of design protection, separate from the copyright protection. First, the Chapter from same title 17 provides a semiconductor chip protection Act 1984 (SCPA). The SCPA became an enactment title 3 under Pub. L. No. 98-6220, 98 Stat. 3335, 3347 on 1984, November 8 (34). Afterwards, chapter 13 within title 17 led to the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act (Major Legislation of the Congress np) following the amendment. The VHDPA was enacted on 28 October 1998 as a V title within the digital millennium copyright act (DMCA). This article provides the chronology of these amendments and their growing impact on the bill of copyrights in the United States.

Diary # 2: A Departmental Select Committee (DSC) Inquiry

This select committee was set up in 2016, specifically on 1 August 2016. The purpose of this committee was to inquire into the final report of an off-protocol procedure of chemotherapy. The following hospitals have been associated with this inquiry; St Vincent, St. George, as well as Sutherland Hospital (Stationery Office 32). Most of these functions are only available in Bathurst and Orange. Considering that the committee reported into this inquiry on March 2017, before their verdict, the committee and the end users engaged in control issues where some were stuck in a movement of compassion (Major Legislation of the Congress. np). This kind of inquiry into the bill denotes the operations of the departments’ select committee. Every area of the committee inquiry needs one to provide a more straightforward tone, over time.

The document further summarizes that one can contact NSW on queries and judgments to receive a landmark breakthrough in his/her life. The open-ended inquiry into the nature of cancer patients means that they are on a low assessment and can be placed through available support systems in the firm. This report, therefore, awaits a response from the government, which should be given during the two-month’s window. The government, according to Major Legislation of the Congress is often impelled to act on any recommendation immediately (n.p). The committee has done its job indecently not to have a session. These recommendations may be used to create a 1-hour follow-up conversation.






Diary #3: An All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)

The parliamentary sessions in the modern times have several sessions during which crucial bills regarding business and social progress are implemented. During the sessions, about seven bills may come from any of the parliamentary segments. Those bills will ensure that the various opportunities to relate and provide support to the society’s social and economic progress are guaranteed. The bills also gave a window period upon which the businesses would build solid foundations for growth both locally and internationally. For instance, the motion that the labor party moved to oppose the current business tariff bills had a powerful call to action for more people to join and support them. The controversial nature of the policy called for a quick comeback from the opposition.

The trend of opposition motions being defeated has been present in the past. Much recently, Theresa May faced a possibility of a defeat. In her case, as an example, people can ignore these motion requests by not casting their votes. Examples of previous motions that were ignored include the NHS pay, as well as the higher education motion. One of the benefits of being in the opposition is that their motions do not necessarily deal with any legislation. These kinds of motions are often non-binding.

Finally, the non-involvement of the government, in this case, has attracted a variety of criticism from the public, as well as parliamentary bodies. The leader of the house subsequently created a first draft in an effort to create a response for the government. It was ultimately agreed that when opposition motions come up again, a concerned minister from the department should be tasked to issue a statement in 12 weeks after the time of the submission of the debates. This step shows that the government is choosing to avoid getting into such cases in future and instead focus on nurturing a proper relationship within the country.


Diary #4: The Backbench Business Committee

According to Ronayne, the people of California will not have to wear helmets during their scooter rides. Ferry Brown signed this petition thereby advising the business committee to require only under age riders to wear helmets. This petition is a win for firms such as Line, as well as Bird, scooter operators. The scooters added 15 miles per hour requirement that was also meant to avert accidents. In San Francisco, earlier in the year as reported by Stuart, the scooters were banned for the concerns that riders were not putting on their helmets. Further, Republican assemblyperson Flora affirms that standup scooters can curb congestion on the Californian roads. The standup on scooters, another addition to the petition, will also change the objectives of reducing car emissions. Representation to the 2015 Spending Review also asserts that adults have the choice to decide whether they want to have a helmet or not (n.p). Flora’s bill equally allows the scooters on highways with a high-speed limit of up to 35 mph against the current law that permits only a 49km. This policy within the business sector, when it takes effect, will ensure that more people have access to scooters and would easily use it. The impact of such steps in the road and business industries will reduce the money spent from taxpayers on treatment during accidents or other. These kinds of committee decisions determine the strengths and procedures of the backbench business committee regulations and roles. The parliamentary committees become useful in handling daily socio-economic tasks for which they were instituted.






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