Sample Political Science Paper on migration history

Please answer any four questions below. Each answer is worth 25% of the exam mark. Each answer
should be approximately 750 words. The best answers will combine material from readings,
lectures, and video wherever possible. Only use sources from the course material. No outside
sources are permitted. No need for citations unless you directly quote. I will not respond to emails
during the exam period about the exam questions or course content. Do not copy and paste from a
discussion paper.
NB! Your uploaded answers will be run through plagiarism software (SafeAssign). Only exams
that pass successfully through the software will be marked. (Make sure SafeAssign can accept
your file type.) Others will be investigated for plagiarism. Plagiarism also includes drawing from
other students’ papers from this term or from previous terms. SafeAssign catches that too.
NB! Do not use AI programs in any part of your answers. You must answer using your own words!
Answer any four questions:
1) Give an overview of migration history. What political or economic forces pushed it at
different points in time. Also, be sure to explain why and how migration became
“securitized” and how people evade migration controls.
2) Explain some of the political viewpoints and modes of resistance of people of color toward
white society in 19th century US, colonial Kenya, and post-colonial Britain.
3) Explain the rise of the working class. Be sure to discuss Marx’s concept of alienation in
your answer along with Ford’s approach to minimizing working class unrest. Also discuss
how Taylorism makes labor more efficient.
4) Explain flexible accumulation and how it moved us into a post-Fordist world. Be sure to
discuss precarity and neoliberalism in your answer.
5) Explain the rise of middle-class morality, post-WWI nationalism, and neonationalism.
What is characteristic about them? How do they discipline the population?