Sample Political Science Paper on Information Literacy

Course Objective(s):

CO1: Deconstruct current research on global citizenship

CO2: Differentiate between scholarly and popular sources that focus on global studies.

CO3: Examine sources and information to determine their authority, reliability, timeliness.

CO4: Use appropriate research tools to find relevant scholarly information

CO5: Clarify the ways that information literacy provides a foundation for both global citizenship and lifelong learning.

Weekly Objective(s):

LO1: Identify a global studies issue to research

Topic of Discussion:

The relationship between information literacy and global citizenship.

Key Learning Concepts:

  1. ICTs encompass the technological infrastructure and products that facilitate the acquisition, storage, analysis, manipulation, and distribution of information.  As these devices become more thoroughly integrated into our lives, they too are likely to cease to appear to us as technologies at all.
  2. Information literate people are prepared to deal with fast rates of change because they have the skills to keep learning.  They know to find and filter information.