Sample Political Science Paper on Foreign Policies

Foreign Policies

In this election year, it has been established that the public believes that the most pressing issues that should be favored by the next president are diplomatic and economic approaches over military involvement. A research poll conducted by an associate press found out that the public prodigiously supported that diplomatic efforts are needed to resolve and provide solutions to diverse global crises that is facing the country. Moreover, many individuals have even provided questions on the military intermediations of the country.

Based on my opinion, terrorism is the first pressing issue that needs to be addressed by the new president, I can specifically mention the Islam state known as ISIS as a threat to the country’s global engagements. The other issue is the immigration policy that has allowed aliens into the country and my assertion is founded on the terrorism attack of September eleven where many Americans were killed in the revenge attack (Cox and Doug 45). Another case is that of Mark Anthony who gunned down a storeowner in Texas; he had a criminal record and went ahead to kill other people later by claiming that he was motivated by anger having seen the collapse of the twin towers.

In my own opinion, the problems with immigration is the illegal immigrants who cross the border and get into the country. It has been ascertained that the main harms that arise due to the presence of illegal immigrants are the reduction in jobs and reduced wages for the legal citizens (Cox and Doug 50). In addition, there has been increased crimes and domestic terrorism since some of the illegal immigrants are hardcore criminals in their mother countries. It is my assertion that a greater number of Americans are unable to find jobs as they are occupied by alien immigrants because Obama has consistently supported them instead of defending genuine Americans.

The government can address the global terrorism problem that has found its way into the country by formulating policies that will ensure that leaders stop supporting Saudi dictators who are consistently associated with terrorists and their activities. There is also the need to stop arming terrorists; a previously leaked document elaborated how the CIA warned the president against funding the Syrian rebels. My assertion is that the government also needs to stop imperial conquests for the oil in the Arab countries, just like it happened and led to the death of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Such a situation looks like torture and top terrorist’s investigators have pointed out that when it occurs, the terrorists become motivated, indeed the proponents of ISIS were motivated by the U.S torture activities.

To address immigration, the government should deport immediately all the illegal immigrants who are creating problems in the country (Jervis 68). However, there is need for an elaborate policy that will easily create a pathway for citizenship so that individuals without criminal records and have good conduct may be admitted into the county. This may help in keeping different households together in addition to making them come out freely. This policy should be elaborate to create a broader perspective of not deporting law abiding individuals but instead register them.

The legislative branch of the government should take the lead and assume responsibility in addressing terrorism and immigration. The U.S congress should therefore develop laws and pieces of legislation, pass them and then give the president to assent. The federal agencies will then implement the pieces of legislation that will disintegrate to policies. 


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