Sample Political Science Paper on describe the election process

I will upload the file into a canvas which will analyze it for plagiarism. You will have to use your own words to describe the election process or the story behind it, what happened if there are any issues, and so on. Feel free to use any election you want, local or international. I’m from the middle east, but it’s okay to use a USA election or anything that you are familiar with. Don’t make it too hard too. I have a low grade in this class, that’s why I chose someone expert to do it for me. please pay attention to this section too: “A section with the model that has, as subsections, Setup and Analysis. The Setup should contain full description of your game (set of players, a game tree if needed, information structure, sets of
strategies, payoffs, equilibrium concepts). The Analysis should contain results on equilibria (existence, full characterization) and comparative statics. Relegate all proof details to the Appendix”.

The professor is really tough when it comes to grading. So please please put that in mind, thanks!