Sample Political Science Essays on Drugs

The English dictionary defines Drug as a substance that is used to treat a disease, relieve pain or alter a certain body process for a certain purpose. People who are dependent on drugs are known as drug addicts. These addicts procure these drugs from a person who has a big influence on illegal drug trade usually referred to as a drug lord. Some of these illegal drugs include nicotine, heroine marijuana and meth. It is reported that the illegal trade in the United State is estimated to be around 200 to 700 billion in a year (A Forever Recovery). It is undoubtedly that we are living in the most devastating drug abuse era that has ever been witnessed in the United States.

These drugs should be kept illegal because they lead to addiction. Drug addiction also known as substance use disorder is a disease that affects an individual behavior and making the person to be unable to control the use of that drug. When a person is addicted, he/she may continue to use the drug despite the negative effect it causes. The second reason these drugs should be kept illegal is that they lead to crime. Drugs do not necessarily cause crime, but they are associated with it. Drug related crimes include: (1) possession and sale of substances which are against the law (2) crimes committed by those who use drugs to get money to purchase more drugs and (3) organized criminal activities such as political corruption, money laundering and support for drug trade (Jackson). Finally, drugs should be kept illegal because they negatively affect ones family. This can be through financial stress because addicts are forced to use a lot of money to buy these drugs instead of providing basic needs for the family.

Legalize illegal drugs will eliminate the criminal marketplace. The illegal drugs market is full of millions of people who are in demand of the drugs. If the production, supply and distribution of these illegal drugs leads into a vacuum whereby, organized crimes thrive. The profit generated by these markets are worth billions of dollars. Legalizing these drugs controls the market, starving the income generated and enables the government to control and regulate the market in terms of licensing, prescription, advertising regulation and laws concerning sales to minors. Secondly, legalizing illegal drugs reduces the levels of crime massively. The price of these illegal drugs is determined by unregulated market and the level of demand. Affording illegal drugs is not cheap. This means that those who are dependents on these drugs will resort to stealing to be able to afford them. Legalizing would enable the government to regulate the market, which lowers the price eventually reducing the levels of crimes as the addicts can now be in a position to afford the drugs. Finally, legalizing illegal drugs addresses the real life issues. For many years, legislators have used prohibition of these drugs as a way of not addressing the economic and social issues that make people turn to drugs (Jackson). The root cause of drug use is as a result of poverty and despair. If these issues are not addressed people will continue to use these illegal drugs.

Drugs such as marijuana, nicotine and cocaine and meth should be made legal. It is obvious that prohibition has failed to control the use of these drugs. Over the last ten years, millions of people across the United State have been arrested and locked up for drug use. Also, the government is spending billions of dollars on anti-drug policies. This money is not only used to arrest people but, also on foreign operations where people’s farms are destroyed by armed forces and eventually ruining their livelihoods. It is reported that over the last four decades, more than 1 trillion dollars has been used in drug war in the United State (Zill and Bergman). Yet all this effort people are still using these drugs. The government should address the real issues such as social and economic reasons that are leading people into using these drugs.

It is evident that the number of people who have been addicted to the use of illegal drugs has been on an increase over the last ten years. The use of these drugs has adversely affected not only the user, but also the economy on the amount of money being used to control this trade. Social issues that lead to the use of these drugs need to be looked into. Prohibiting the use of the drugs is not an effective mechanism to control the trade because the number of people who have been addicted to them has been on the rise for the last couple of years.



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