Sample Poetry Paper on ‘To His Coy Mistress’

Metaphysical poetry is the best poetry of Marvell’s poems to his readers . Marvell’s
contemporaries believe that it confuses the pleasure of lyrics with the preference to
puzzles. Indeed, many people who approve this type of complexity say that it is thought
provoking. The fact is, only Marvell and his colleagues bring the mind into play, even when they
are expressing deep emotional, spiritual, logical or intellectual themes. This papers details the
syllogism used in Marvell’s poem. Subsequently, it insights about the major and minor premise
and the conclusion. Similarly, it shows the fallacy that Marvel uses in his poetic syllogism. Finally,
it discusses the logic and illogic of the reasoning done in the poem and how the verse is likely
to be perceived by the audience.
The poem is narrated on space-time continuum to illustrate syllogism. It corresponds to if, but
and therefore format. Initially, it describes what the poet would have done if he had enough
space and time (A 113). Unfortunately, time flies, therefore, the lovers must catch the moment
while it lasts. Time is not generous as its always at their back hurrying them along. Even if, the
mistress does manage to preserve her virginity till death, she will not manage to escape the
ravage of time. This instils a feeling of disgust for death while elaborating syllogism.
Space and time range is carried from a different point to bring the premise. First, it is shown as
an argument closed down to the space of small tomb and uselessness of time and death
eventually according to (Geurin 75). Lastly, the lady is convinced to utilize time at disposal.
Additionally, the fleeing time is essentially sensual based on youthful enjoyment of life. This gives
a sense of wide gulf between what is imagined and what is actually possible. The myth in the
context shows the lovers deaf time by controlling the images in the verse paragraph. The power
which the lover urges his mistress to seek with him at the iron gates of life is , precisely, the
power of the phoenix. The major and minor ideas in the verse conjuncts with the theme of the
Marvell uses mockery and satire in his rhyme by making the lines logical while undermining the
time logic. There is a speculation about what the poet would have done if he had infinite
universe and time (Geurin 75). But he does not have this infinitude. Therefore, the lover advises
his coy mistress to use the period they have in making wild love and in tearing their pleasures
with rough strife. Marvell uses philosophical humor rather than comic structure in his imagery
and satiric concept, ( Cunningham, J. et al, 1960). The syllogistic logic used is deductive showing
how adoring he would have been, if he had a chance to explore the coy mistress.
In conclusion, the poet uses adorable and attractive language to capture his message. The tone
of the poem is light and bantering aimed at mockery and sarcasm rather than passionate and

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loving. The logic is sarcastic established on a hollow argument. The poem can be enjoyed by
erudite audience as one of the best Metaphysical poem.

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