Sample Physical Paper on President Trump Advert

Sample Physical Paper on President Trump Advert

I am in full agreement of the actions taken by CNN mainstream media not to air an advertisement of president Trump that the network considers to be fake. It is the sole responsibility of any media organization to promote truth and other ethical values within the society (Steff 12). A responsible media house should not air information that is true. Promoting programs that are inclined towards achieving individual selfish gains are not in the best interest of the society hence should be avoided. Despite the personalities involved, the media should not allow to be arm-twisted as this deviates from the major role of the media (Rossi, Justin, et al 109). Again, in the event that the media house got involved in the fake news, this would highly compromise the image of the network house adversely. However, I would like to note that there was need for the media organization to get involved in extensive engagement and research in order to ascertain the validity of the advert (Krstić 78).  Upon arriving at evidence that the campaign advert going around is misleading and totally fake, there would be need for the network to report the incidence for legal action. This is necessary since perceptions are shaped and cognitions may be manipulated leading to development of a certain attitude or belief which in turn influences a person’s perception and decision making (Garth and Victoria 12).

The action by CNN is also ethical since it promotes the independence of media which is important in any democratic and just society. Irrespective of the political position of the clients, media houses should not compromise their ethical standards. It will be important for the media group to demand equal ethical observance among its employees.



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