Sample Philosophy Paper on The Endangered World

Sample Philosophy Paper on  The Endangered World

Despite the thousands of species on earth, human beings are the most powerful species of them all and whose activities have greatly impacted the existence of other species. According to paleontologist Michael Novacek, humans might become extinct in the years to come if we do not change our lifestyle which threaten the environment (Novacek, 2008). For instance, the economic practices and technological developments lead to emission of harmful gases and substances that endanger the lives of humans and other species. These human practices when combined with the natural calamities will endanger the existence of living organisms, including humans, over time. Humans contribute significantly to endangering life on earth; we at a high risk of reduced life span and driving other species to extinction.

Some scientists envisaged that by mid-21st century 30 to 50% of all living creatures would be extinct due to detrimental human activities. According to Novacek (2008), “the evidence shows that species loss today is accelerating” (p. 465). According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 39% of different species have been categorized as threatened to become extinct. Currently, the major cause of traumatic changes in climate and ecosystems is human-related activities, the same can be attributed to the extinction of animals. It is supported by the fact that the areas where the extinction is predominant are heavily populated by human beings. According to Novacek (2008), “we may not be able to determine the cause of past species event extinctions, but this time we have indisputably: We are our own asteroids” (p. 466). Further extinction of plants and animals will leave us with no food and water to feed the growing human population. Thus, the 21st century may mark the last large species extinction rendering the world helpless. The few remaining world species of 21st century need to be preserved.

However, environmental calamities and global warming has recently forced humans to reconsider the issue of endangered species. For instance, certain animal species such as the Mekong catfish and the European white-tailed eagle, which were endangered, have been preserved. Additionally, a series of effective measures such as the production of solar energy are increasingly being implemented to mitigate the effects of environmental pollution. Species preservation can only be achieved through collaboration of the world leaders. Therefore, it is upon the world population to stand firmly against endangering world species and the human population at large.



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