Sample Philosophy Paper on Punishment Theory

The crime focused on to demonstrate the application of punishment theories is sexual harassment that was committed by a Hollywood mogul on more than eighty women in two decades. This is a crime that affects the victims both emotionally and psychologically and it is even worse when their jobs are on the line.  A large number of victims and the silence they maintained over those years make the crime unique and hard to punish with immediacy. There is also the issue of proving in the courts that the harassment did take place. The time that has elapsed since some of the incidents are likely to complicate the cases against the Hollywood mogul.

In applying the utilitarian approach of punishing the offender, it is important to understand the frame of mind he had when harassing the female subordinates. Some of the women that were harassed went on to become successful professionals in the film industry courtesy of the accused. He has stated that the relations with these females that are presently accusing him were transactional. If found guilty, there is a need to have the perpetrator educated on the definition of sexual harassment and have the victims compensated adequately. Community service should also be demanded of the accused if found guilty to give him time to reflect on his past actions.

The retributive approach of the punishment is directed at avenging the pain felt by the victims. This can be done by incarcerating the offender if found guilty and have him register on the sexual offenders list. The offender should also pay for the limitations of opportunity and all any psychiatry costs or related charges that the victims experienced. The movement of the offender should be limited and monitored to ensure he does not get an opportunity to harass any female in the future. The utilitarian approach of punishment is morally superior, as it considers the context of the crime committed objectively. The punishment intends to ensure that the crime does not happen in future without destroying the life and career of the perpetrator.