Sample Philosophy Paper on Argument for Monogamy

Argument for Monogamy

The most popular contemporary argument refuting monogamy is that it makes liars about us. The monogamy gap contends that, sexual exclusivity gives men the sexual variety they need and women the radical honesty they crave for. This argument is compelling in that, by abandoning monogamy you presumably get insurance against betrayal, this raises question, do you hate the idea of being monogamous because you want sexual and romantic options? Or is it due to the presumptive inevitability of experiencing sexual betrayal? Furthermore, having a variety of sexual experiences exposes one to sexually transmitted diseases which may have serious effects on health. In general, the cost of infidelity is quite high.

Critics also argue that sex with the same person becomes boring over time.  However studies show that the more open and emotionally connected the two partners have, their sex life improves. People who engage in short term sexual relationships tend to be vulnerable and phobic about others, they focus more on performance in bed rather than sensation. Ironically, studies shows that these people tend to enjoy sex the least and have less frequent sex than partners who have a strong bond. Partners in monogamous marriage have better sex; they are open to exploring their sexual needs, have a better communication in bed and are cooperative when solving sexual matters.

McMurtry argues that multi-partner engagements gives children a large support system and a more favorable loving environment, and it also lessen sexual insecurity and reduces jealousy. This argument leaves out the fact that children in such kind of relationships do not get the optimum attention of both parents. Furthermore, sexual freedom is not equal for both men and women. The consequences of promiscuity falls heavily on women as they are left to deal with unplanned for pregnancies, furthermore, women have a higher risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases than men.