Sample Personal Statement Paper on Master’s degree in marketing

Life in London, one of the world’s leading metropolises in matters of business, innovation, and culture, exposes me daily to the intricate dealings of international business. Living in London, coupled with my solid grounding in business management and firsthand experience in my father’s international business, has sparked my desire to study for a Master’s in marketing. My undergraduate studies in Global Management augmented by the skills I have gained working in my father’s international business, charity, and volunteer work have enabled me to gain pertinent experience in corporate management and coordinating marketing operations. These opportunities have cultivated in me an overriding desire to increase my knowledge of marketing in order to streamline the operations of my future product or company. To actualize my aspiration of studying for a Master’s degree in marketing, I am seeking admission into the MA Marketing Management Course at Westminster University.


My desire to study for a Master’s degree in marketing was molded during my undergraduate studies, where I pursued my bachelor’s in Global Management at Regent’s University London. In my undergraduate studies, I learned the basics of management, marketing, and global commerce. Since my undergraduate education, I have always been intrigued by the psychology and understanding behind marketing operations. Throughout my work experience, I have been exposed to the practical aspect of marketing and its relations to business profitability, thus igniting my desire to expand my marketing knowledge. For example, I have worked as the marketing manager in my father’s international business for more than five years. As a person in charge of all marketing activities, I have been coordinating teams to ensure they meet their monthly targets. We have marketing representatives in about ten countries, where we sell our products. My key role has been collaborating with our representatives, who coordinate their marketing teams in their respective territories. I also work with them to devise new strategies to reach more potential customers. Moreover, my father, who also acts as my mentor, has cultivated a strong ambition to promote a product or service for my family’s business and my entrepreneurial self. Professionally, I aim to widen my marketing skills, management competencies, and overall understanding of fundamental business and financial knowledge.


The Marketing Management program, particularly the modules, has intrigued my desire to study at the institution. I found these modules to be quite pertinent to my professional and personal goals. Certain ones, such as; Product and Brand Management, and Multi-Platform Marketing Communications, align strongly with my ambitions of streamlining my marketing career. Moreover, the course includes a marketing dissertation module, where students choose and write about their desired topic. I was mostly drawn to this unrestricted choice of a dissertation topic as I plan to exploit it and use it as a template for the expansion of my marketing career. The geographical location of the university further influenced my decision to study for my master in London. The location makes it ideal for marketing and networking. It will enable me to expand my professional connections and opportunities not only within the city but throughout Europe as well.


I grew up in the United States but have lived and studied in North and Central America, Asia, and Europe. I consider myself a polyglot as I am fluent in several languages, such as English, French, and Spanish. Moreover, I am proficient in Mandarin Chinese. My mastery of diverse languages is due to my wide exposure to several different cultures and countries. This exposure, coupled with my mastery of divergent international languages, has enabled me to develop and appreciate flexibility and diversity.


I am a devout Christian, fully dedicated to charity and volunteer work. Through my dedication to charity, I have volunteered in various children’s orphanages in Mexico and Bolivia. Additionally, I participated in a Hong Kong UNICEF 10 km marathon, whose proceeds are dedicated to improving children’s health globally. Moreover, I have engaged in many programs to protect women from domestic abuse in Phoenix, Arizona. Success in my Master’s degree, coupled with my Christian faith and devoutness to charity, will empower me to continue to bring awareness through coordinating and marketing programs for charities around the world. I will use my marketing skills to help charity organizations to enhance their programs during my free time. For example, I will apply my marketing competence to enable UNICEF and other charity organizations to increase the global awareness of their programs. As a result, such organizations will increase the revenue they collect from their donors to meet their objectives.


A master’s in marketing management will enable me to advocate for global sustainability through my passion for environmental conservation. This zeal has enabled me to advocate for both global corporate sustainability and ethical sensitivity. Through research and studies, I have ceaselessly searched for ingenious ways of tackling global environmental challenges and increasing the production of eco-friendly products. With my father’s cooperation and guidance, I have incorporated various elements of corporate sustainability management into several operations of our international family business. I believe that with a Master’s in Marketing Management, I will be able to raise awareness about sustainability, ethical sensitivity further, and environmental conservation not only in my family’s business but also globally. For example, I will advocate for the production and sale of eco-friendly products through the global supply chain. Our business will use only raw materials from suppliers who are sensitive to ethical and corporate sustainability.


I am looking forward to acquiring new marketing knowledge if granted an opportunity at the Westminster University. My undergraduate degree training gave me the required foundational marketing knowledge necessary to complete this program successfully. I have also acquired practical business skills that will play a crucial role in understanding the theories I will cover in the program. Finally, I have a strong passion for charity work and corporate social responsibilities, which can benefit from this program