Sample Personal Statement on My Italian Language

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future. Indeed, education plays an integral role in shaping one’s future and goals. Education is instrumental as it provides individuals with the right skills and knowledge required to solve a plethora of the world’s problems. Through learning, one is able to amass great knowledge that will open doors of opportunities and hope. It is for this profound reason that I seek to pursue a course degree in the English language at the Coastline Community College.

Ever since I was a child, I was always taught how to speak and write the Italian language. The Italian language was primary not only for communication but also for education. I, therefore, mastered the language and became even more conversant with it as I grew older. During my high school years, I began writing creative short stories in Italian. I became an enthusiast writer with an innate desire to tell stories that focused on factors such as culture, beliefs, economic, social, and global trends that were not well known to the Italian people. My dream to eventually become a renowned writer has driven me to continue reading and writing more short stories. Even though I have put in tremendous efforts to inform and entertain the Italians through the various fictional and nonfictional short stories, I aspire to reach the global audience. In order to do so, I knew that I had to learn and master the English language.  It is for this reason that I seek to gain an admission at the Coastline Community College with the hope of studying an undergraduate English course.

As a young writer, I have always been fascinated by the ability of writers to influence, entertain, inform, and even in broadening the readers’ level of comprehension and imagination. Some of the notable authors who inspire me include Joseph Conrad, an author known for writing Heart of Darkness and John Collins who is widely known for writing The Great Gatsby (Lowes et al 28). Studying the English language will provide me with the necessary language skills to reach a multitude of readers from every part of the world.  In addition to this, studying English would enable me to express my individual creativity to the world.

This course will equip me with the necessary literature stylistic devices that will enable me to improve the quality of my write-ups (Lowes et al 30). I seek to utilize the English language as a medium to express my thoughts and opinions to readers all over the world. English gives me an extremely large platform for me to inform the readers on key matters associated with families, relationships, cultural beliefs and differences, social class, among other trending topics. Having taken English classes during my high school years, I believe that I would hone my writing, listening, and oral skill by pursuing English as my undergraduate course.  I am excited at the thought of studying English at a higher college level. I believe that through words, I would be able to influence multitudes whilst also creating powerful emotions to the readers.

Studying an English course in an English speaking country would give me the best avenue to enrich my vocabulary and deepen my understanding of the English language. I believe that the Coastline Community College has the ideal conditions for me to gain the necessary skills needed to attain a fulfilling career as a writer. I would be more than honored if you decide to accept my application to pursue the English100 Undergraduate course within your highly-esteemed institution.


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