Sample Personal Reflection Paper on Time Management

Part one

In the past semester I have learnt a lot on time management, overall health, class attendance and participation, and appropriate study habits. Strategic learner is what I am especially after reading through chapter two. Through the reading, I was able to adjust my class attendance, participation and study habits. The reading was motivating and encouraging as it highlighted to me how a person can effective concentrate on studies and avoid poor grades. Significantly, it is worth mentioning that students today only concentrate on studies to graduate and acquire good employment opportunities (Cottrell 44). However, education should model an individual to accommodate all aspects of life. It is equally important to concentrate on attaining good grades just like the others as that is part and parcel of individual achievement. The reading was encouraging because I realized that at times students need to take risks during studies. They must be able to remember lectures and apply them to generate real life solutions to problems.

Chapter three reading was instrumental in establishing how well I can manage myself and time appropriately. It is important for a student to manage class, personal and work schedules. There is need to create a balance between class, work and personal lives. From the reading, it is clear that we should not concentrate only on few life ventures, but instead should always try to discover new life aspects and opportunities. This is according to The Truman Show. Notable, I considerably connected the film to the allegory of the cave as explained by Plato. The allegory asserts that we are confined to what we see and believe because we are not proactive enough to find out other existing realities. All in all, management of one’s personality is critical in tackling life challenges to make a difference in studies.

Chapter four reading was instrumental in highlighting to how well to tackle life activities and challenges. This was in line with Chinese saying that “no cross no crown”. In other words, life is always not a bed of roses; one must experience failure and must appropriately confront them. However, it is recognizable that everybody is afraid of failure, and it has been observed from business owners to students. Fundamentally, we must learn to recognize failure and how best we can learn from past mistakes. This applies even after graduation where you are likely to miss on employment opportunities because others candidates are more suitable that us. The chapter reading encouraged me to never feel disappointed in cases of failure or challenges. Failure should be a stepping stone towards a successful future.

Chapter five and six was crucial in establishing the success is life is anchored on life health goals and vision. These goals need action plans with manageable timelines to manage. I recall the kind of treatment I went through when one of my classmates made fun of how fat I was. From that day, I decide to implement a life goal of reducing my weight by working on my eating habits. I was hopeful that finally I could achieve the right weight that would make be comfortable in the presence of everybody. It needs a lot of sacrifice and commitment to fulfill long term life goals. Finally, I became successful after following through my mother’s advice. An important lesson I leant was to fulfill life goals, one needs a mentor or life coach to delicately navigate through procedures. Finally, goals are important because it give a person some sense of purpose and to be useful in life.

Part Two

Letter to my Coach

Dear Samantha,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the inspiration, encouragement and pieces of advice you gave me that profoundly changed in regards to time management, class participation and emotional endowment during the past semester. Specifically, you coaching formed an integral part of my daily life schedules and because you always encouraged me to approach life with confidence without fear of failure.

The way you explained the role of education in society and how it is meant to model an all rounded individual was simply out of this world. Considerably, you having passed through difficult life obstacles in the past was very encouragement as it helped bring concepts into real life perspectives. I really enjoyed the humor with which you explained you points. Almost all the coaching sessions were exciting and enjoyable to attend.

However, in future, we may need to adjust on our meeting and instead of having two sessions per week, let us add three more to make it five in a week. You played an important part as my mentor because in all sessions you never failed  to provide motivation and advice on how I could potentially adjust by study habits to attain good grades.

Your main strengths were anchored on mastering of language, excellent communication and listening skills. However, you need to do something on your attitude and temper especially when am late in attending the session due to unavoidable circumstances. All in all, I enjoyed your coaching and mentoring session, and hope you will be my coach next semester.

Thank you.





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